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Road To AIBEP Schools in Bali - Go Home
Lunch On The Street - Culinary Tour
By Asep Haryono

Dear readers

I have told you my stories of traveling to some AIBEP schools in Bali in my previous articles, SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem and SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura Karangasem which you might find interesting.

All the programs at those two schools have been finished at 13.45 WIB (Bali's Time) and all of Kang Guru Indonesia team are suffering. Yes we are very hungry very much indeed.

I would like apologize that the next travel report part three will be launched in the following days, okay?. To avoid boring things with the details of the travel trip to those AIBEP Schools, now I would like you to enjoy little story of culinary tour this time. "Just like a Wisata Kuliner" report I am afraid this time. The core stories is about having lunch with Ayam Betutu. It sounds great, huh?
Buleleng and

We have discussed before that the next program is visiting to SMP Negeri 7 Karangasem will be completed the next day 8 October 2010. We decided to return to th base at Kang Guru Indoneisa main office located in Denpasar. We loaded the car and driving away soon, leaving Karangasem returning to Denpasar, our Kang Guru Indonesia office. On the way home, we stopped in a small restaurant around in Karangasem to eat lunch.

The Kang Guru Indonesia team now driving down the road, and start leaving KarangAsem. We have finished visiting to SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem, and SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura, and our car is leaving the location to return home at Kang Guru Indonesia main office in Denpasar. The photo taken at 7 October 2011 at the mid day Bali's time. Photo by Asep Haryono

We drive in a normal speed and we are able to see many local people around the car , and we can see many wonderful hills and rice crops in the area which for us are a great things to enjoy. We released our head out of the window of the car, taking some photos from the car. "Okay guys we are driving down to Kang Guru office in Denpasar, and we will stop at local restaurant for lunch, Ayam Betutu okeeeeeeeeee" said Ayu Kusumastuti. "yesss okeeeeee deeeeeeeh" said all people in the car.

Warung Makan Pasti Mesari

Not more than a half hour driving from Karangasem, our car stopped on the street. We did not know for sure which one of the nearest restaurant around the area , and we did not know which one is the best for us to have lunch. All of us here did not know the area quite well, and we often stopped the car asking local people to inform us the location for us to have lunch.

Based on the information from local Balinese we met on the street, we got the information for lunch is Warung Makan Puri Mesari whose location is very close to the area of the Puri Mesari Villas and Hotel around Buleleng. We stopped our car in front of the restaurant which for us is quite small, and clean and we thought it would be a good place for lunch. We were very suffering and starving. Hehehehee

PASTI MESARI : Stop by a few moment at this restaurant which famous for its Ayam Betutu. All my friends sat down already ordering some foos, and I get up and took the photo in front of the restaurant. What do you think? Photo by Asep Haryono

The area of Buleleng is a regency in the province of Bali, whose capital city is Singaraja. The Buleleng crossed by the border of Java sea in the north, Kabupaten Jembrana on the west, Kabupaten Karangasem on the east including Bangli, and Tabanan with Badung on the south area. The location of the restaurant surrounded by many villas.

The beach along the Buleleng around 144 km, which about 19 km- crossing the area of Tejakula. The greatest income for local people of Buleleng are from salak bali and jeruk keprok Tejakula. The area of Buleleng regency got many tourist objects such asi Lovina, beach, pura Pulaki, Air Sanih and of course the area of those objects around in Singaraja.

Ayam Betutu, Great

Now forget the history of the Buleleng area, right. Now let's eat betutu Ayam ofs I mean is Ayam Betutu. I think there are lots of Ayam Betutu in Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat right?. Have you tried the Ayam Betutu with your family around your place?.

Well, I have never tried the Ayam Betutu before and I am quite "jadul" type for this matter. As Matter of fact , finally I had the chance to taste the Ayam Betutu in Bali.

Agung Mahendra, a handsome guy in our team , is a cameraman during our trip to AIBEP schools in Bali, and he was good at using the handy cam and edited for the team for our documentations. Mahendra is one of Kang Guru Indonesia staff and working at the Kang Guru Indonesia for many years.

"I would like to check my camera first yah, so please every body order the menu" said Mahendra when I am taking a picture of him. He was not looking at my digital camera, and I would like to capture his "innocent face" holding the camera.

"please don't do that" said Mahendra, and yes he did not look at the camera when I am taking this photo of him. Some of people in the Kang Guru Indonesia told me that Mahendra is quite shy people. "He good at taking photos and camera holder, but he was not pleased to be taken his photo" said Ayu. Well fine, no problem.

How about Ayam Betutu?. Have you heard about the Ayam Betutu right? The Betutu itself is something like "lauk pauk" made of duck or chicken which full of spicy recipes and famous in the area of Gilimanuk or around Bali however. There are many places around the area of Bali producing many Betutu such as Gianyar, Desa Melinggih and the area of Payangan municipality.

Some Balinese told us that the Ayam betutu is really a brand food of the area of Gilimanuk and used for food for reiligious events in the area of Bali and can be provided by every one for food. Many local hotels and villas provided the menu of the Ayam Betutu for their guess. The Ayam Betutu should be eaten very quickly after they are ready.

AYAM BETUTU : This is a plate of Ayam Betutu that I would like to eati which cost about Rp.60.000,- which can be very expensive for Indonesia. "This is harga bule' said Ayu Kusumatuti. Woialaaaaa. Photo Asep Haryono

A plate of the Ayam Betutu cost Rp.60.000,- or Sixty Thousand riupiahs or equal to $ 6 USD and quite expensive for local people. I might not be able to afford the Ayam Betutu by myself. I am get used to buy food at Simpang Ampek in Pontianak not more than ten thousand rupiahs for once lunch or breakfast. The amount of that 10 thousand rupiahs consist of Ati Ayam, Bakwan and sambel of course.

This is Bali ladies and gentlemen, and most of the stuffs here in the island can be considered as "harga bule" like Ayu Kusumastuti often saying that word, "harga bule". So if you are in the area of Bali, especially outside of Denpasar, you will be considered as "tourist" and the price you are bargaining cannot be done. All prices here cannot be bargained it, and you should take it for grant

"Ayu cheeeeeeeeers" when I am taking her picture at this moment. "All prices here is Harga Bule" said Ayu. Photo taken by Asep Haryono

"Asep Cheeeeeeeeers" said Ayu taking this photo by her in return. Woialaaaaaaaaaaa you got me with two glasses of orange?. No way one of the orange juice is belong to Mahendra, next to me. Photo taken by Ayu Kusumastuti

Orange Juice

If we want to discuss about "selera" or "taste" , I am sure of they cannot be debated. The taste of every one can be different from one to another. One of my friends in Pontianak would love to eat Jengkol. Do you know the Jengkol?. Well, we have to respect someone elses' fave food in anyway what soever. We have to respect any kind of food in every one.

This also happen to me. I would love to order any kind of that orange juice in every traveling I make including this time in Bali. The orange juice refers to the juice of oranges, right. In American English, the term OJ may also be used to refer to orange juice. According to the wikipedia definition is about made by extraction from the fresh fruit of orange.

This is a glass of Orange Juice. I forgot the price of this one. Photo by Asep Haryono

GAYA : Just like Miss Syahdini said, please don't look at model. Just look at the background of the model. Nyehehehehehhee. That is Mount Seraya view. Photo by Mahendra/Kang Guru Indonesia

This cafe Pasti Mesari in Karang Asem, Buleleng Regency actually was located in Mount Seraya is the east-most mountain in Bali. According to the touris booklet I got at the Cafe Pasti Mesari told us that Mount Seraya is loaded full of vlllas owned by foreign tourists. You will find a building called Candi Putih (White Temple) in the way to the top.

I think that will be all for now, a short stories of breaking time after a very tired traveling of the day visiting to SMP Negeri 4 Bebandem and SMP Negeri 6 Amlapura. Having finished our lunch with Ayam Betutu at the cafe Pasti Mesari in Buleleng regency, it is time for us to return to the car and heading to Denpasar, our main office Kang Guru Indonesia.

The next stories, Trips to AIBEP schools in Bali - part three at SMP Negeri 7 Singaraja will be on their way to you as soon as possible. I will be paired with Ririn Pudya , a Kang Guru Indonesia champion from Jakarta. Ririn is a married woman , lady rocker, and radio brodcaster as well. I am not promising to post the Part Three of the trilogy of our AIBEL tours, but Insya Allah the posting will be done as soon as possible (Asep Haryono)


  1. Thank God I just have eaten when reading this post hahaha..

    By the way, Rp. 60.000 for a plate of ayam betutu is seriously expensive, for me, yes. But as you said, because of that's Bali, the Island of God which is bule-bule usually visit, so $6 is just a penny dimes..

    Wakakak, Mount Seraya would look much greater if I were the model kang :p *btw, why don't you link the "Miss Syahdini" one to my blog url?* (and why I always request things to you yah kang hehehehe ^^v)

    Amusing traveling.. inspiring me a lot :D

  2. It's been so many consecutive posts about Bali, but the food-related ones really make me green in envy (but I'm thinking about Sate Lilit, actually) *drooling*.


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