20 years Anniversary Of Kang Guru Indonesia - Part Four

Australian Consulate, 12nd of November 2009
By Asep Haryono

As I have promised before today's posting is about the ultimate program of that 20 years of celebration of the Kang Guru Indonesia participation in Indonesia, was a welcome party conducted at Australian Consulate in Sanur, Bali.

You could have read my posting about 20 years of Kang Guru Indonesia articles I have submitted before in the part one , part two , and part three to get a better idea of the entire stories. Anyway is all up to you. I would like you all to read my posting with fun and joy and never be in my mind to make trouble in every way.

The celebration and party of the 20 years Kang Guru Indonesia held at the IALF starting from noon until the afternoon, and to be continued by the last day at the Australian Consulate.  By the way,  if you want to know who we were, 7 KangGURU Indonesia Champions could be seen here, and you will understand who we were all and where we came from :)))

As I have posted in my previous articles before that some of interesting programs have been successfully conducted at Kang Guru Indonesia head quater at Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (I/A/L/F) building located at Jalan Sesetan, Denpasar Bali. While the Australian Consulate in Bali located in Jalan Tantular, No. 32, Renon, Denpasar, Bali.

The programs delivered in happy and fun ways including games , food , baloon party , door prizes , singing , dancing and also exhibition during the celebration at the IALF Building. Some of the participants were from the winners from Kang Guru Indonesia competition winners, along with Kang Guru Indonesia champions all across Indonesia for sure.

The invitations stayed at the same Hotel, Puri Dalem , with Kang Guru Indonesia Champions, and we all took the same IALF bus to take all of us to the Australian Consulate located in Sanur. It just took a few minutes driving from the IALF head quarter, all participants and Kang Guru Indonesia champions standing in line for security checking at the entrance gate by the Australian Guards.

Speech, Games, Food
As I have mentioned before that the celebrations were held in Bali to mark 20 years of English language learning and people-to-people links between Australia and Indonesia through the Kang Guru Indonesia program. The Kang Guru Indonesia itself funded by Australia since 1989, Kang Guru Indonesia has helped hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and communities across Indonesia to develop their English language learning.

The Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Bill Farmer, attended on that day's celebrations at the Australian Consulate-General in Denpasar, Bali. Mr Farmer acknowledged the program's significant efforts over the last 20 years.

On his speech , Mr Farmer said that Kang Guru Indonesia brings together interesting people to people activities which really reflect the close bonds that exist between the people of both of our countries.

Ririn , Kang Guru Champion Jakarta, also donated her lovely voice by singing in front of the audiences and participants of the celebration there too. She sang one song only to give other participants and people to stand up at the stage.

Back to Mr Farmer said that
Kang Guru Indonesia did a great job, and he extended his great appreciation to all Kang Guru Indonesia team to get together to give good efforts to foster the friendship between Indonesia and Australia.

Mr Farmer said that the Kang guru Indonesia also brings together interesting people to people activities which really reflect the close bonds that exist between the people of both of our countries.
This program is helping to ensure future generations of Australians and Indonesians know and understand each other better, further strengthening our friendship,” he said.

The following are some photos taken from the courtesy of Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (I/A/L/F) which delivered as follows :

The Australian Ambassador, Bill Farmer, speaking at the counsulate. Next to him is Mr Lext Bartlem, Australian Consul-General and the KGI team. Photo Courtesy of IALF Jakarta

The Australian Ambassador, Bill Farmer , along with Kang Guru Champions Asep (Pontianak), Fadel (Mataram), Keyko (Semarang), Ririn (Jakarta), Wibowo (Medan), Suryadi (Madura) and Syahrir (Makasar). Photo Courtesy of IALF Jakarta

The party at the Australian Consul-General in Bali. Photo Courtery of IALF Jakarta

The Australian Ambassador, Bill Farmer and his wife, Elaine, Singing the song they wrote to celebrate twenty years of Kang Guru. Photo Courtesy of IALF Jakarta

Some participants and invitations during the 20 years of Kang Guru Indonesia celebration at the Australian Counsulate in Bali. Photo Courtesy of IALF Jakarta

Beside an interesting games played by all participants of the party, there was another speech from the consulate. Food and drinks were available during the party, and we noticed the food were excellent, and absolutely free for everyone. Just be aware of the food here due to some kinds of the food are made of pork which abandoned or prohibited for Moslems.

This party has been successfully held at the Australian Counsulate on Saturday 21 November 2009, and Kang Guru Indonesia would like to thank the many people who have contributed to KGI’s success on the party of the celebration. The informal afternoon of fun and games, as well as good food. An Indonesian group played didgeridoos and drums and Adi and Ayu from IALF Bali organised games and quizzes, with prizes including Macquarie Dictionaries, mobile phones and iPods.

In closing speech, Kevin Dalton, Project Manager of the Kang Guru Indonesia Bali thanked the Kang Guru Indonesia team for all their valuable assistance and hard work for years, thanked addressed also to the Ambassador Mr Bill Farmer and wife that time  and the Australian Embassy for their support. The project manager also extended his trully appreciation to all participants of the celebration whose contributions were great and get respond so positively to the activities and opportunities provided by KGI.
(Asep Haryono)


Here are some photos I took by myself with my own digital camera. All photos were belong to me. All right reserved. Tuingggggggg

Kevin Dalton, Project Manager of Kang Guru Indonesia introduced Kang Guru Indonesia champions to audiences. Photo by Sue Rodger/Kang Guru Indonesia

PHOTOS : This is narsis people in action whenever camera is on. From left to right : Agung Mahendra (Technician Kang Guru Indonesia), Ana (IALF) , me myself and Ririn Pudya (Champion Jakarta). Photo Darmika/Kang Guru Indonesia

PORK : Wanna try these Australian Sandwiches? Nope. Ririn Pudya, Champion Jakarta, shows the sandwiches.
The food made of pork. Moslesm are not allowed to have this.
I am bloody serious. Photo by Asep Haryono

WINE : Wanna drink wine? This is Australian Party. Many alcohol and wine availabe here for every one. Again Moslems are not allowed to drink the wine and beers. I chose Teh Botol during that time. Photo by Asep Haryono

WITH BILL FARMER : With Australian Ambassador to Indonesia that time , Mr Bill Farmer. The photo taken 12nd of November 2009 at the Australian Counsulate during the party. Photo By Darmika/KangGURU Indonesia


  1. Very nice article! You tell us *who are not the champion and some who maybe had no idea about KGI before* about how cheerful and fun the anniversary of KGI was \(∩.̮∩)/

    Anyway, I do apologize, is it 12nd of November or 12th of November Kang Asep? :D I thought you did a bit mistyped ya kang hehe..

    This article is inspiring and informative, especially at the part you wrote that moslems are not allowed to eat pork n drink wine :D two thumbs up for you..


  2. Once I translate your article, I was glad to read it even if only a little as I understand, sorry if my english is not good. Nice to meet you

  3. Wow actually I attended that even too, even the second day! It was really fun. I have posted about this event too in my blog.
    Thanks to u that I know some name of important people.


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