My Traveling to AIBEP schools in Bali

By Asep Haryono

Today, I would like to tell you my special programs with Kang Guru Indonesia traveling to some areas out side Denpasar and visiting to some AIBEP schools. Do you know the stand for AIBEP School?

The Australian Government through the Australia Indonesia Partnership (AIP) provided funding millions of Australian dollars to help Indonesia's basic educations.

One of those basic education programs called "AIBEP" school grant, so the meaning of AIBEP is "Australia Indonesia Basic Education Program". According to the Australian government those funding are intended to construct 2,000 new schools all across Indonesia

Those basic Education Program (BEP) itself has been designed as a three-year program with the aim to improve equitable access to higher quality in remote areas all across Indonesia. Today , I would like to tell you my experiences with Kang Guru Indonesia visiting to some AIBEP schools out side Denpasar. This journey has been done successfully last 5th to 9th of October 2010.

Preparation Before Departure
First of all , starting from the hotel, okay. I and the other Kang Guru Indonesia champions were staying at FAVE HOTEL located in
the heart of Denpasar and I think the location is preferable for every one who want to get quick access to the Ngurah Rai international airport. We all know that Denpasar is one of important cities all across Bali for its facilities including major international and local banks, government offices and many others

The hotel itself is quite fun, fresh and friendly room for me and other Kang Guru Indonesia champions. The hotel is famous for its eco-friendly rooms design and well-organized with some standard facilities for common place to stay such as free WiFi connections as many others. You can even call BlueBird cab very easy from the staff of the hotel who can assist you right away.

After check out in the morning, I and the other six Kang Guru Indonesia champions reached the Kang Guru main office based in Jalan Sesetan Denpasar Bali, IALF Building 3rd floor. We all took BlueBird cabs from the hotel to the Kang Guru office with just a few minutes ride. We only pay about Rp.20.000,- or equal to $ 2,00 USD for it. Do you want to know a glance of Kang Guru Main office look like? See the video belows

This is a short video I took during my visit to Bali last October 2010
You can see Mr Kevin Dalton, Project Manager of Kang Guru Indonesia and other Champions. A sweet memories for all of us here. Video took by Asep Haryono

Before we go to those AIBEP Schools out side Denpasar , all Kang Guru Indonesia champions get together to get a briefing and little meetings as well with some of the Consultative Team in conjunction with Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (I / A / L / F) in thee other room.

The meeting attended by
all Kang Guru Champions such as Saptari Wibowo (Medan), Ririn Pudya (Jakarta), Syahrir Badulu (Napier), Fadel (Mataram), Suryadi (Madura), KEYKO (Semarang) and me of course from Pontianak. From Kang Guru Indonesia team were Mr Kevin Dalton, as project manager , Ogi Yutarini (Project Coordinator), Mahendra (Technical staff) and others.

The goal of this simple meeting and discussion are about preparations before going to some AIBEP Schools in Bali. Each of us, Kang Guru Champions, should present a short presentations for those schools. Each presentation conducted in English and Bahasa Indonesia as well, so they will look like "bahasa campur" as well. You will see my action during the presentation from the photo as follows :

My presentation for visiting the school. All about information on Kang Guru Indonesia.
Simple, and funny thought. All participants are laughing during my presentation.
Photo by Syahrir Badulu/Champion Makasar

BRIEFING : Ogi, Project Manager of Kang Guru Indonesia, gave short instruction and suggestions to all team, including Kang Guru Champions about the programs during visiting to some AIBEP Schools that day. Photo by Asep Haryono

"You . all the Champion , must be able to explain about your capacity in Indonesia to KangGURU AIBEP school children in Bali later, what have you done for KangGURU Indonesia, and how you can develop through KangGURU Indonesia also does not explain about your self-promotion aja ya "said Kevin Dalton, Project Manager KangGURU Indonesia.

During the last discussions, and all Kang Guru Indonesia champions have finished their presentation, all of us here were given some AIBEP School address for all of us to make short visits. Some of the AIBEP schools that we would like to visit are those SMP schools , they are SMP 4, SMP 5 Kubu Amlapura , SMP 6, SMP 3 Rendang, SMPN 7 Kintamani Ubudl and SMPN 3 , Gianyar.

We packed with us some of Kang Guru Indonesia merchandises and goodies such as
the learning package for SMP in cassette format, books and CDs, as well as unique and interesting goodies such as pencilss, note books, key chains, raincoats, flyers and Kang Guru Indonesia PINs. Those packages are for gifts or presents during presentation. The gift are also for students who win the quizz during the class presentation.

REIMBURSE : This is normal activity at the first time we arrive at Kang Guru Office in Bali. All of us will get reimburse for all expenses and money we spend before. All about the money thought. Photo by Syahrir Badulu/Makasar

READY TO GO : From left to right : Keyko, Suryadi, Syahrir, Fadel and Wibowo. We are ready to go to some AIBEP Schools today. Photo by Asep Haryono

Because of we are seven Kang Guru Champions, and the total number of the AIBEP schools have been divided into two groups. The first four Kang Guru Indonesia champions will get three AIBEP schools, and the rest three champions, including myself, get the same number of those school either. The Kang Guru Indonesia itself send their staff and crew accompanying us such as Ayu, TjokNing, Mahendra, Darmika , Sue and Mas Alwi.

A short video of myself and Syahrir Badulu from Makasar in APV car before going to some AIBEP Schools out side Denpasar.The Video taken in Wednesday, 6 October 2010. We planned to make some visits to AIBEP schools in Karang Asem and Tabanan. The video is quite simple and funny. Enjoy ya

Have you seen the video above?. Well that is quite funny thought. The video taken in Wednesday, October 6th, 2010. You will see some Kang Guru packages behind us inside the APV car, and Mr Syahrir Badulu talked a little bit about the program that morning. The weather is quite cool and it has been raining outside for the day.

In the next posting, I will tell you more details of the journey of those some AIBEP Schools out side Denpasar. The stories including some interesting places and food journey of course, culinary tour as well. The stories will be on their way to you tomorrow Insya Allah. To be continued ya (Asep Haryono)


  1. I am always amazed everytime reading your report about your traveling.. You remember almost all those details very well.. I wonder that you actually wrote this all in your notes, or type it in your laptop then post it in your blog hehe..

  2. salam kenal kang... saya iketut sukarsa dari bali karangasem. saya dari bali mau tahu program aibep, siapa saja yang boleh bergabung di aibep. ini email saya di tanks.


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