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Some people said that a picture of photo can telll hundredrs of even thousands of word, and that can be true. Today I would like to share my own personal experiences in writing. Perhaps every one in this world would love to travel both in their own country or even in abroad or overseas.

I have never been to Australia, India, Denmark , Japan , Serbia, and the United States Of America. I only visited Kuching in East Malaysia and also the capital city of the country, Kuala Lumpur. You can read full stories of my visit to the Kuala Lumpur for more details here.

The most important message from my visit to the KL is that the city is so beautiful, vibrant city and awesome place to relax, enjoy and pleasure. I would love to visit the KL again in the near future, unfortunately I do not have much money for it. Is there any one out there can support my trip and travelling to the KL again this year?

PhotobucketKLM : this is the aircraft I am using to visit Kuala Lumpur, so lovely aircraft indeed (15/11/2009). Photo courtesy Eru Ellen Lenonk .

Alhamdulillah itulah kata pertama yang keluar dari mulut saya, beberapa menit setelah pesawat KLM yang saya tumpangi mendarat dengan mulus di Bandara Internasional Sepang Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Inilah momen bersejarah untuk pertama kalinya dalam sejarah hidup saya akhirnya saya bisa ke Luar Negeri dengan jerih payah sendiri. Saya dinyatakan lulus seleksi dalam kontes online dari forum SEAChange 2009 yang diselenggarakan oleh Maskapai Penerbangan Air Asia Malaysia.

Sorry for the Indonesian paragraphs above. Well, Alhamdulillah that is the first sentences come out from my mouth, just a few minutes when KLM aircraft just landed in Sepang International Airport, in Malaysia, date 16 of Nopember 2009. This is one of the most ultimate dream of myself that I am able to travel to abroa, especially in Kuala Lumpur.

I was one of those 450 lucky youth from the South East Asia cuntries to attend SEACHANGE - YESS 2009 youth conference sponshore by Air Asia, the most incredible and awesome aircraft carrier in Malaysia. You can watch promotional video courtesy from YES 2009 here too.

TWITTER. Biz Stone, Co-Founder Twitter speechs about Twitter in the forum of YES 2009.
Photo by Photo Asep Haryono

I wish I coul rerturn back to the Kuala Lumpur again to memorize sweet memories during Youth Engagement Summit (YES) 2009 in the city. I met many wonderful young talented youth from the South East Asia countries. I am not from a wealthy parent, and even with visiting to Kuala Lumpur I am not able to afford and secure my financial support to trip to the city. Is there anyone can help me support this initiative? (Asep Haryono)

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  1. I have never been to Malaysia but, yes I also would love to say that I love Malaysia, too :D

    the only reason for having this feeling *for such a woman who just has never been there* is because I heard many times from people that the infrastructure such as highway, especially the international boundary between Indonesia and Malaysia is so much much better than Indonesia has.

    I consider that the government build it seriously, less corruption than Indonesians' do, so they could have better ones..

    Even sometimes I think to just convert my nationality to Malaysian haha, sungguh lebay yes :p


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