Enjoying Nasi Jinggo in POP HARIS , Bali

By Asep Haryono

Nasi Jinggo With Me. Photo taken by Syahrir Badulu

Do you know about "Nasi Kucing"? Have you ever heard that good traditional famous food in Jogjakarta, central Java in Indonesia?. I have visited Jogjakarta two times, and the brand new visit happened in the early November, 2010 during Merapi Eruption. Flash back my memories in Bali where I have visited ten times, I was very luck to enjoy "Nasi Jingg" in Bali.

Unlike Nasi Kucing which famous for its tasty food and recipe , the Nasi Jinggo in Bali which I can easily find them when I was staying in the Pop Haris hotel located in Jalan Teuku Umar, Denpasar Bali. This happen during my visit to Bali last April 2011. The hotel location is not far away from Ngurah Rai International Airport. It needs around 25 minutes to reach the hotel from the airport.

The first impression when you are looking at this Nasi Jinggo is their physical appearance which very similar to the form of hat. What do you mean by the hat?. Well just look at the outside of the Nasi Jinggo, and what big image in your mind when you see this small image? It looks very closely with a hat right? Yes, that is absolutely right. The Nasi Jinggo performance is similar to the form of hat. It is really unique, isn't it?

Small And Cheap
I have searched around the hotel, and found out that there are lots of local food, and phone or cellular shops in every corner of the street of Jalan Teuku Umar.

Some people said that you will find many kind of cellular phone unit around this area with competitive prices. I have planned to purchase a small cellphone that time, but I did not do it. I could have found the cellular phone unit actually.

A simple description about the POP Haris hotel in jalan Teuku Umar, Denpasar, Bali. This hotel offers a friendly and warm services for visitors from every where all across Indonesia and also from all over the world. A friend of my Bali friends told me that the hotel is also famous for its " Nasi Jinggo" for break fast menu. I did not notice this kind of food while driving from the Airport of Ngurah Rai to hotel.

I have recorded a small video taken in the hotel date April 11, 2011 at the time I was there with the other six Kang Guru Indonesia champions stayed in the hotel for a small presentation and work shop conducted by Kang Guru Indonesia in conjunction with Indonesia Australia Foundation (I/A/L/F) and funded by Australian Government.

A video of Pop Haris Hotel in Teuku Umar. Video edited by me
All Right Reserved video by Asep Haryono

The concept of the hotel is intended to give best services for the budget traveler, just like me myself absolutely , with up-to-date hotel services including some free services for those whose vacation spend in the cheapest and modest way of life., smart and also eco-friendly type. You , with small amount of money to spend, will be able to stay in the hotel with affordable price.

I stayed in the hotel last April, 2011 and stayed there with my companion, Mr Syahrir Badulu from Makasar , South Sulawesi , and I have found many interesting services inside the hotel such as free internet password for your free internet access in the lobby of the hotel. A good material of linen 100 percent can be felt when using blanket to sleep in the room. So warm and cool blanket, white color that I like so much

This is a short video of our room inside POP HARIS in Bali
The Video taken in April 2011 . Any comments every one?

Another excellent services offered in the hotel also including bad rooms with King size, safe deposit box with key number , wonderful bath room , Cable TV with CCTV around teh hotel, massages services, and food outlet. A unique one can be found in the room that is 3rd bed room just like "bangsal" in the hospital. A black and leather made of the bed room I think.

Free Nasi Jinggo
Well its time for me to tell my personal stories about Nasi Jinggo, one of the best services offered by the POP Haris hotel here, and the food is free of charge and par of their facilities for the visitors. You just step down from your room and go directly to "Quick Bite" room located in the lobby where you can find many people eating the food.

I took some photos of those Nasi Jinggo from my own digital camera, and the photos already displayed here also. A friend of me, Gung Dwinta , a young Balinese lady from Bali original , confirmed through the phone that the Nasi Jinggo is very cheap and can be found around in Pasar Badung and around Pasar Kumbasari.

This is Nasi Jinggo. Photo taken by Asep Haryono

I Gede Suparta, A Taxi driver , told me that those Nasi Jinggo is very cheap and can be eaten by all people in all generation without worrying about the material used in the Nasi Jinggo. I found that the content of the Nasi Jinggo are very common and can be found every where in all across Indoensia such as Noodle , fish , tempe and some local recipes.

If you eat Nasi Kucing in every where in the heart of Jogjakarta , then you will certainly get "lauk pauk" ( what is it in English ya ), I think the menu will be Ikan Teri , Tempe , Abon Sapi, and of course hot Chile.

The size of those Nasi Kucing is quite small, and considered to feed Cat, and that is why the name after is Nasi Kucing or in Javanese called "Sego Kucing. When you are eating Nasi Jinggo, the menu will be a little bit different such as small slice of steam Egg, little fish, and Chicken. The fish might be Tuna and something like the Tuna. Its good to taste them really

One of the very common characteristic of the Nasi Jinggo is "pedas" or "hot" taste, and most of those Nasi Jinggo are hot with Chilly and you just need a cool water to erase the hot in your mouth after eating the Nasi Jinggo. Remember, you just take the Nasi Jinggo only once in a day especially in the break fast time. Need some more? Just go out side of the hotel and find them. (Asep Haryono)

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  1. I once ate Nasi Jinggo, but not in Bali. In Pontianak we also can find Nasi Jinggo loooh kang :D

    It's two of my friends who sell it in the evening around bundaran untan. The name is Nasi Djenggo Nyonyah Lamberdos, and it tastes deliciosooo nyummeeh..

    Oooh, I also once tried nasi kucing in Jogja. Yes, it's also so yummm..

    Indonesia is just like the 'heaven of culinary destination'..


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