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Adsense Publisher

Since Internet has become a mean of online communication, there will more than millions of brand new websites created every minute, well I am not sure of the total amount of the websites instead of guessing perhaps. Many people around the world would love to use the Internet for many goals and reasons. One of the reasonable reasons for the people using the net online services is grabbing money online in every way.

Many people is excellent and good money making individuals, while others used the net only for looking for some information, training opportunities, gaming, and entertainment only. Well you may do anything with the net online network for your own. How about grabbing money online through the net for blogger? Ahakks, this is the theme of my posting today, and please take a seat and relax and ready to read my simple stories about this. Hmmm

Adsense Publisher
First of all, and this is very common way of grabbing money online for blogger and most of the website owner is putting some ads, and text ads to generate revemue and passive income as Adsense Publisher. Do you know what I mean with that word "Adsense Publisher"? Basically, I am not able to describe with my English just like an expert of tbe language due to this is not my primary language instead of Bahasa Indonesia.

I am able to describe the meaning of "adsense publisher" with my own words. The term of Adsense Publisher, as simply like you just put some ads code in the form of HTML (Hypertext Mark Up Language) in your website or blog. Having created your website or blog, and then you can promote your website or blog to many wonderful and excellent website directory submissions, start posting your quality content and you may start generate income by putting ads from any kind of PPC website.

Do you know exactly what is the stand for PPC? According to the definition taken from Wikipedia, the PPC is Pay per click (PPC) is a kind of Internet Advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked. When the visitor click any ads in your website or blog , then the system of the PPC website will pay you instantly with different amount of money starting from $ 0,01 USD or higher. You , as web owner or blog user, should not change any code of the ads, and you must comply with the Term of Service (TOS) of the PPC website itself.

There are lots of excellent and wonderful PPC website available on the internet which you can register your self for free as Publisher, not as advertiser. If you apply for Advertiser, then you have to pay their cost for putting your own advertisement, and this is not what I am discussing now so leave it out now. Some wonderful and the best PPC websites ever are Google Adsense, Chitika Online Advetising Network , and AdBrite which giving more revenues and profits with their additional affiliate marketing system.

For Indonesia, we have some excellent and trusted PPC website which really paying such as Adsense Camp, Kumpul Blogger, SITTI and PPC Indo. I myself got paid several times from AdsenseCamp which is the most recend and trusted local Adsense in Indonesia. Hmmm. Interesting huh?. So what you have to do know is focusing your website or blog of your own, starting posting your quality contents, and you may put the ads from any PPC websites that interests you.

Just simple select them carefully, and get some information from other adsense publisher on the forum, and learn from them before deciding to register yours with any PPC website. This is one of the best way of selecting the PPC websites and you will be given more opportunities to move on and start promoting your website to invite visitors to come and come again to your website and submitting your website to any Search Engine Directories and start learning any information on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for good traffic .

Just like my new Jamaica Friend Kamstew said that blogging is not easy thing to do, and I personally agree with her opinion and yes I confess that blogging is not easy thing to be done. "Just happy blogging" said Katie from Blogvertise website. The Blogvertise itself is a platform to bride Bloggers and Advertisers to get profit together. I think that will be all for now. Don't forget about the page rank (PR) ya. Just do your best to optimize your site and keep promoting them to get a good page rank from Google. I will explain to you about this stuffs at sometime in the future. Happy Blogging ya.

Asep Haryono
Blogger/Adsense Publisher/Website Content Specialist
Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat

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