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West Kalimantan is proud of the successful of 25th STQN in 2019 in the city of Pontianak

Pontianak. SELECTION XXV National Quran Reconciliation (STQ) Year 2019 West Kalimantan was officially closed by the Indonesian Minister of Religion Lukman Hakim Saifuddin in Kapuas Square Park, Pontianak City, Friday (5/7) night.

The people of West Kalimantan should be proud. Two successes have been achieved. Success as a host or success in achievement. The question of the location of the event should not be asked again. All contingents from all provinces in Indonesia are thumbs up. The whole community praised. The longest riverside Koran in Indonesia, the Kapuas River and at the point of zero degrees, the Equator monument is a very special location. Unforgettable.

Moreover, the pulpit is made very distinctively. In the Alun Kapuas Park it is a tanjak, symbolic of the authority of the Malay community that is worn on its head. While in the Equator Monument, it was rumored with a globe. The term child now, Instagramable.

Lukman Hakim Saifuddin expressed his appreciation and thankfulness to the West Kalimantan Provincial Government and Pontianak City as the host. Including all the people on the equatorial earth who have contributed and made good contributions to the success of this activity. "Thank you for being a good host," he said. 

CLOSING STQ: The Indonesian Minister of Religion accompanied by the Governor of West Kalimantan struck a tambourine at the end of XXV National STQ, Friday (5/7) night. MEIDY KHADAFI / PONTIANAK POST
 CLOSING STQ: The Indonesian Minister of Religion accompanied by the Governor of West Kalimantan struck a tambourine at the end of XXV National STQ, Friday (5/7) night. MEIDY KHADAFI / PONTIANAK POST

Speaking of successful achievements, the people of West Kalimantan are also proud. West Kalimantan caravan successfully passed four finalists and three hopeful champions. Where the last similar achievement was achieved by West Kalimantan in 1968.

In this National STQ, West Kalimantan was able to rank fifth in Indonesia. By donating one gold medal (first place), from the Tahfizh 30 Juz Putri branch on behalf of Rohidah. Then one silver medal (second place), won by Malika Khaira Khalqillah in the Tilawah Anak-Anak branch. And two bronze medals (third place), in the name of Faturrahman at the Tahfizh 10 Juz Putra branch and Fuady Farid Albari at the Tahfizh Hadits 100 branch with Sanad Putra. (complete see graphic).

While for the overall (first) championship was achieved by DKI Jakarta Province, both Banten Provinces, Third North Sumatra and fourth Southeast Sulawesi. For the fifth rank alone, besides West Kalimantan, Central Java and South Kalimantan provinces were also won.

Sutarmidji West Kalimantan Governor felt grateful that West Kalimantan was able to win several champions in several branches that were followed. Especially at the Tahfizh 30 Juz Putri branch, which was the first place to be won in STQ this time.

With this achievement, according to him, it will be increasingly convincing that the program initiated by West Kalimantan LPTQ can be realized. Where he himself as general chairman of West Kalimantan LPTQ targets in the next five years to be able to produce 5,000 hafiz and hafizah in West Kalimantan.  (Source BAR - Pontianak Post)

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Masyarakat Kalimantan Barat Berbangga

BAR - Pontianak Post Daily Newspaper

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