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The Deputy Governor is Ready to Open the International Lion Dance Competition

Pontianak  West Kalimantan Deputy Governor (Deputy Governor) Ria Norsan is very supportive of the 2019 Pontianak Lion Dance International Championship which will take place in Pontianak City on June 21-23. He stated that he was ready to open a lion dance competition event that could attract the world's attention.

"We from the West Kalimantan Provincial Government welcomed this international lion dance event, where West Kalimantan has never held an activity like this which is of an international level," he said during an audience with the 2019 Pontianak Lion Dance International Championship Committee in his office on Tuesday (6/18) .

Norsan believes this activity can be a good potential for the region considering foreign teams will participate. Besides attracting local and national audiences or tourists, this event will also be of interest to foreign tourists. If West Kalimantan Governor Sutarmidji is unable to attend, he is ready to open the event.

"It certainly can enliven Pontianak City later. So, we warmly welcome this activity. Hopefully it will run smoothly and successfully, while bringing impact to the West Kalimantan region," he said. He hopes that guests who come to this area can feel a positive impression so that the name of the area can be more fragrant.

Norsan also mentioned the existence of the Indonesian Lion Dance Federation (FOBI), which is still fairly young in this area. He advised that the organization could continue to build lion dance clubs in West Kalimantan. Especially considering the lion dance itself has now entered into one of the recognized sports branches of the government.

AUDIENCE: Committee of Pontianak Lion Dance International Championship 2019 during an audience with Deputy Governor of West Kalimantan, Ria Norsan in his office on Tuesday (6/18). IDIL AQSA AKBARY / PONTIANAK POST
AUDIENCE: Committee of Pontianak Lion Dance International Championship 2019 during an audience with Deputy Governor of West Kalimantan, Ria Norsan in his office on Tuesday (6/18). IDIL AQSA AKBARY / PONTIANAK POST

In addition to sports, FOBI is also seen as having a stake in raising regional culture, especially the lion dance culture. "Clubs (in West Kalimantan) can join in the FOBI later to be able to contribute to this lion dance, both nationally and internationally. Our hope is like that," he concluded.

The Chairperson of the Pontianak Lion Dance International Championship Committee, Bhie Chiung, said that until yesterday there were 16 teams that were confirmed to be present at the event to be held at the Pontianak Perbasi Hall. They are San Guo-Indonesia, Tarakan-Indonesia, West Kalimantan-Indonesia, Yao Lin Kungfu-Australia, Ho Yong-Vietnam, GuangXi Normal University-China, Bilintang-China, Guan Dong Qing Yuan-China, Fatt Keung-China, Khuan Loke -Malaysia, Wen Ching Malaysian Palm Oil, Wai Sheng-Malaysia, Keungs-Hongkong, Pai Yau-Hongkong Unicorn, Wen Yang-Singapore and Long De Chuan Ren-Myanmar.

According to him, the presence of foreign teams is inseparable from the FOBI cooperation in West Kalimantan with the International Lion Dance Federation based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Chairperson of FOBI West Kalimantan, Rico explained that he would work as much as possible so that participants felt comfortable while in Pontianak City. All accommodations such as hotels, transportation, food and other necessities have been prepared.

According to Rico, this championship is not just a sporting event but also an event to introduce Pontianak City tourism. Therefore, the committee will prepare time for participants for the city tour. "Pontianak is famous for its delicious food. We will try to bring them to enjoy the city's unique cuisine, "he explained.  (Source Pontianak Post)

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