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STQN XXV 2019 Pontianak City Officially Opened

Pontianak  Saturday, June 29 2019 at 18.30 WIB at the Kapuas Alun Alun Park Jalan Rahadi Usman Pontianak the opening ceremony of the National Tilawati Qur'an (STQ) Selection XXV in 2019 with the theme "Implementation of the Universal Value of the Qur'an for the Nation and State religious, harmonious and peaceful

The event was attended by no less than 3000 guests, invited guests, and the community. Some of the invitations present at the event included the Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia: Lukman Hakin Saifudin, Governor of West Kalimantan H Sutarmidji, SH. M. Hum, Governors of Indonesia, Deputy Governor of West Kalimantan Drs H Ria Norsan MM, MH, Forkopimda West Kalimantan, Chair of MUI West Kalimantan Drs HM Basri Har, DPRD of West Kalimantan Provincial Government, Regents / Mayors of West Kalimantan, West Kalimantan Police Chief, TNI Commander of West Kalimantan , Participants of STQN XXV from 33 provinces throughout Indonesia and several other invitations.

OPENING CEREMONY : The STQN XXV 2019 Pontianak has successfully opened by Lukman Hakim S, the Indonesian minister of Religion on Saturday night (29/6). The competition will begin on 1st of July.  Photo courtesy STQN XXV 2019 Official Website
OPENING CEREMONY : The STQN XXV 2019 Pontianak has successfully opened by Lukman Hakim S, the Indonesian minister of Religion on Saturday night (29/6). The competition will begin on 1st of July.  Photo courtesy STQN XXV 2019 Official Website

The 25th National Tilawatil Qur'an (STQ) selection officially opened on Saturday night (06/29/2019). The opening of the National STQ was centered at the venue of Jalan Rahadi Oesman Kapuas Square Park. Bang 25 times the carbide cannon accompanied the opening. In addition to the explosion of the carbide cannon, drum beat was beaten by the Indonesian Minister of Religion, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, West Kalimantan Governor, Sutarmidji, Deputy Governor of West Kalimantan, Ria Norsan, Pontianak Mayor Edi Rusdi Kamtono also marked the opening of National Level STQ. Previously, there were also parades from 34 caravans representing each province in Indonesia and were welcomed by the West Kalimantan people.

The Minister of Religion, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin was present and in his remarks expressed his appreciation to all parties involved in preparing for the implementation of this National STQ XXV. He hopes that the momentum of STQ can be a forum for knitting brotherhood and post-election togetherness that has just been passed. We hope that this STQ event will continue to be improved because it can be a stimulant for the people to strengthen their nationalism through religious values, he said.

Indonesia has given birth to quite a number of qori and qoriah who excel at the international level, he said. Last year, he said, there were seven national children who succeeded in achieving achievements at the International MTQ event. We are proud and appreciate those who have made the nation proud on the international level, said Lukman.

The Governor of West Kalimantan, in his speech said that the implementation of STQ this time was very special because the STQ was sung by the Qur'an on the Kapuas River which is the longest river in Indonesia. Another specialty, for one week the holy verse is sung at zero point south latitude, north latitude in the equator monument. 

Hopefully this activity can reveal God's secrets, because in the equator monument contains uniqueness that can be fully revealed. Among other things, items that float will easily rotate in opposite directions, he said. In addition, eggs can easily stand up. Aloeevera this place can grow as heavy as 2.5 kg, other places are not that heavy, he continued. Hope in the next five years it will print at least 5000 hafiz, later it will be placed in mosques so that worship activities will be more experienced, he hoped. (Compilation from many resources and references)

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