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The Cap Go Meh 2019 Festival in Singkawang,

Singkawang, INDONESIA The Cap Go Meh 2019 Festival in Singkawang, West Kalimantan (West Kalimantan) was opened on February 3, 2019, the 2019 Cap Go Meh Festival was attended by Chief Executive Esthy Reko Astuty. A number of events have been presented since February 4, 2019 and will last until the last day, February 20, 2019.

The peak of the Cap Go Meh 2019 celebration will fall on February 19, 2019. That is why on this date, Singkawang will be attended by many tourists. Besides the Minister of Tourism (Kemenpar) Arief Yahya who has been present in Singkawang since February 18, 2019, there are other famous figures in group. What is the attraction of Singkawang so that this name has succeeded in becoming a brand that has captured the hearts of many people?

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At first, Singkawang was only known as a village, which became part of the Sambas Sultanate region. In addition, Singkawang in the past was known as a haven for traders and gold miners from Monterado. Miners and traders, mostly from China, before heading to Monterado, stop by here.

These miners and traders first rested in Singkawang to relieve travel fatigue. Besides that, Singkawang is also known as a transit point for transporting gold (gold powder) mining products. At that time, those who came into contact with Singkawang called it the word San Keuw Jong (Hakka Language).

Return to the Cap Go Meh Festival which is included in the national event category in the 2019 Ministry of Tourism's Calendar of Events (COE). For the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar), the appointment of the Cap Go Meh Festival to the national level is not without reason. First, is to support tourism promotion with the tag line Pesona Indonesia.

Second, to provide comfort to tourists in watching the Chinese New Year and Fetival Cap Go Meh celebrations. Third, by having better facilities, it is expected to increase tourist arrivals both domestic and foreign.

Fourth, with increasing tourist visits, the income of the people and regions will increase. You can imagine, how today Singkawang became an exciting election to be visited with many tourist choices. Have not had time to come here? Prepare an empty schedule to meet next year's Cap Go Meh Festival. #CapGoMehSingkawangFest2019
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