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Practical TIPS How to Fry Puffed Fish  Does anyone like to eat fish? Said the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia Ms. Susi Pudjiastuti in an interview with DETIK FINANCE said that fish is a healthy side dish if consumed every day. So if you don't want to "sink" Susi's mother, so let's make it more like eating fish. Now this edition I am trying to write down the practical way to fry puffed fish

KEMBUNG FISH: This is a mackerel that has been pushed and is ready to swim in a frying pan. Photo of Asep Haryono
KEMBUNG FISH: This is a mackerel that has been pushed and is ready to swim in a frying pan. Photo of Asep Haryono

First, Choose the Fresh Puffed Fish

Choosing fresh Puffed fish is certainly not too difficult. There are many characteristics of Fresh fish that you can detect from monitoring or even invisible reserves. For example, the stomach of fresh fish if pressed by using a finger, the thickness will return. Another characteristic is the fresh aroma or smell. So choose fresh or fresh Mackerel that can be obtained in traditional market markets and or surrounded by supermarkets, supermarkets or other retailers.

Secondly, Wash Clean And Siangi Fish
Lighted here is not the intention to dry the Kembung fish in the hot sun. Fish Siangi here is intended to "cleanse" the belly of the Bloated fish from milk, and offal which is useless and / or not utilized. Well, the innards of the unused puffed fish are fun, just like cats, if you like and have cats. Cats can satiate eating fish offal, and there can be reward

Third, Use Fish Spices
Technically, I did not use the ingredients of the Fried Fish spices themselves and had not had the chance to see the recipe for frying Mackerel on the Internet. Besides that the main factor is Lazy. I am including diligent sometimes lazy for the business of frying fish, so if I feel lazy again "recurring", I use just a practical way in terms of frying Puffed Fish which is by using Spices Racik Ikan

Fourth, "Ungkep" Ikan in the Refrigerator
If the mackerel has been washed clean and weeded, put the fish in a dish or bowl. Trace neatly with the fish, and evenly sprinkle the fish body of the Mackerel Fish with Spices Racik Ikan. Any brand. I deliberately did not mention the brand name Bumbu Racik here, because it would be considered advertising or advertising. You have to pay me first if you want to endorse the product. Hahhaha. This is called the ungkep process. Put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes until the seasoning spices soak into the fish's body

Fifth, Fry Mackerel with Medium Fire
Take out the fish that have been put out of the refrigerator, and place it on the table first so the ice flower melts. Fish will return to normal temperatures. Drain the fish from the liquid mixture. After that pour the cooking oil over the pan, and before the oil is boiling, ideally the Kembung fish has been "sprinkled" into the pan, to avoid the fried Puffed fish which can threaten your safety. The hot oil splashes are very dangerous. Good luck.
(Asep Haryono)

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