Frequently Ask Question | Disclaimer | Site Map Is Back Online Again After the website cannot be accessed at all during September 2018, the website God willing, it can return to fly in cyber space to the website that exists in the world as usual.

Through this valuable opportunity, I as the administrator and owner of would like to express my gratitude and highest appreciation to the RUMAHWEB Jogjakarta Technical Team for the excellent service provided to its loyal customers. Since 2008, I have used the Hosting and Domain services in RUMAHWEB Jogjakarta. I have even visited RUMAHWEB "Headquarters" in Jogjakarta a few years ago.

As one of the long-standing loyal customers of RUMAHWEB, I feel how alert and deft the RUMAHWEB Technical Team is that it is ready 24 hours to help the difficulties or obstacles faced by loyal customers without distinguishing each other. Any complaints or problems related to technical or service, the Jogjakarta Web Home team is always swift and deft in responding.-

The front page of my website that has a domain name is, which once had no access for a month
The front page of my website that has a domain name is, which once had no access for a month

That's what I really like from RUMAHWEB Jogjakarta. I also registered all of my client's clients in the Web Home for DOMAIN only and or one DOMAIN and HOSTING package at once. I recommend CV RUMAHWEB INDONESIA as your place you rent a cool, reliable DOMAIN and HOSTING with excellent service

Has been equipped with a PROTECTION ID
The domain of my website at has been equipped with the ID PROTECTION feature or comprehensive protection against the efforts of the outside party who tries to find out or find out more information about the profile or identity of the owner of a DOMAIN name complete with the owner's EMAIL name protection . Very cool

Features that are fully named Domain Privacy Protection are features that are in the dashboard of DOMAIN and HOSTING customers in RUMAHWEB which can be activated by the owner themselves and / or protected by the RUMAHWEB company itself without any charge or free. People or the Public will not be able to do WHOIS against the prayer of because it is protected by ID Protection or ID Protection 
 (Asep Haryono)

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