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Aftermath Earthquake in Central Sulawesi XL Axiata Network Has Recovered 100%  PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) has completed network recovery after the 7.4 Richter Scale earthquake that hit Central Sulawesi (Central Sulawesi), September 28, 2018. Hard work day and night for about 2 weeks after the earthquake struck has successfully restored 100% of the network in all of Central Sulawesi, including Palu and Donggala. This means that the XL Axiata network is now back as before the earthquake. With the recovery of this network, now all XL Axiata customers in all provinces can again access all XL Axiata services.

XL Axiata's Technology Director, Yessie D. Yosetya said, "We have successfully recovered or 100% of the entire network in Central Sulawesi, including Palu, Donggala, and Sigi which were most severely affected by the earthquake.

So the recovered whole network, both backbone and supporting network, like before the earthquake. Now customers in Central Sulawesi can access all services, including better quality data services. It also means that all existing base stations have also returned to normal operation.

This is the result of the tremendous hard work of the relevant team, where we have to deal with many related technical and non-technical aspects. All of us do so that the community can return to using XL Axiata services to support post-disaster activities. "

Yessie said, the network recovery process included improvements to fiber optic cable (FO) in all areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami, recovery of node sites, mobilizing network clusters in areas closest to the disaster site, to mobilizing mobile BTS (MBTS) from Makassar.

There are 4 units of MBTS which are now seconded in Palu. Meanwhile, to overcome electricity supply, XL Axiata also coordinates with local PLN, mobilizes generators to each BTS, and even fixes generators in BTS that were damaged by the earthquake. In addition, because the generator set also requires fuel supply, the team in the field also took steps to secure fuel supply.

XL Axiata technicians are repairing the network after the earthquake in Palu, Central Sulawesi. XL Axiata has completed network recovery after the 7.4 Richter Scale earthquake that hit Central Sulawesi (Central Sulawesi), September 28, 2018.
XL Axiata technicians are repairing the network after the earthquake in Palu, Central Sulawesi. XL Axiata has completed network recovery after the 7.4 Richter Scale earthquake that hit Central Sulawesi (Central Sulawesi), September 28, 2018.

The XL Axiata network is the only telecommunications network and data that can continue to operate when the 7.4 SR earthquake struck.

At that time, even though a strong earthquake occurred, customers could still access XL Axiata services. Good management of the network infrastructure by the XL Axiata technical team is proven to be able to maintain service in the midst of a strong natural disaster.

The XL Axiata network then became a means to disseminate information about the conditions affected by the disaster, including in photo and video formats. The team at the location then opened a free telephone facility at several points of refuge so that the community could use it.

The earthquake incident at that time also caused a portion of the XL Axiata network in Central Sulawesi to be constrained. In addition to physical damage to the device, it is also mainly due to the power outages and the availability of fuel for generator sets that are hampered.

Because only the XL Axiata network can still be used, then a few days after the earthquake, XL Axiata's traffic to and from the Central Sulawesi region jumped dramatically, even though, the network's capability decreased due to the earthquake.

Along with the continued improvement in network quality in Central Sulawesi, since the end of last week XL Axiata has also reopened customer service, including sales services. Palu XL Center has been reopened since the beginning of this week.

All XL Center employees are safe from disaster. Since it was first opened, many customers and people come to buy a new SIM card, and recover the number. Not a few customers whose phones or smartphones are damaged or lost during the earthquake / tsunami and want to get back their old numbers.

XL Axiata networks and services that have returned to normal will greatly help post-disaster recovery or recovery efforts in Central Sulawesi. Along with emergency assistance provided to the victims, XL Axiata has also provided emergency communication facilities since the first days after the earthquake. This assistance is in the form of telecommunications service facilities at several points in the City of Palu.

This is possible because the XL Axiata network did not die at all because of the earthquake at that time. Only the XL Axiata network can still serve customers in Palu and Donggala, so they can preach post-disaster conditions to communities outside Central Sulawesi.

At present the network in Central Sulawesi is supported by a total of more than 400 BTS, including more than 200 3G BTS, and around 80 4G BTS. There are a total of 342 thousand customers, 15% of whom are data service users.

XL Axiata's support for the recovery of conditions in Central Sulawesi after the earthquake will continue, especially in the form of social programs, such as support for the recovery of education. The XL Axiata team in the field will conduct problem identification at disaster affected locations as input for planning further assistance programs.
 (Resource : XL Axiata)

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