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WhatsApp Channel Message Limitation Feature Released

Jakarta. After testing last month, WhatsApp began sending features limiting the number of forwarded messages to users. The presence of this feature is to further reduce the spread of hoaxes that roam the message service.

IPhone users in India are the first to taste this feature through the WhatsApp version 2.18.81 update. This is quite reasonable because the Ganges country is the country that continues the most messages, photos and videos compared to others. Plus the number of deaths due to hoax and provocative news sent in a chain.

Like the attachment of the image reported by detikINET from Beebom, Wednesday (08/08/2018) the picture explains that if the user sends a message of more than five contacts, WhatsApp will give the pop-up changes to that the contact sent has reached the maximum limit.

Photo taken from Fiverr
Photo taken from Fiverr

For countries other than India, WhatsApp will limit incoming messages to 20 contacts. Before this feature was released, WhatsApp can forward messages to hundreds of contact lists.

Previously reported by WhatsApp, it presents a 'label' feature for messages that have been forwarded by other users. The presence of the label feature was immediately announced by WhatsApp through its official blog.

"This feature will help make one on one chat and groups easier to follow. It also helps you determine whether your friends or relatives write messages that they send or come from other people," WhatsApp wrote.

Labeling this label applies to all messages in the form of text, images, video and audio. The sign will appear with the words forwarded at the top of the message.
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Fitur Batasan Pesan Terusan WhatsApp Dirilis

Writer : JOSINA- Detik Net
Translation into English : Asep Haryono. 

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