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Take a Tour of the 1962 Asian Games, Come on the 5th Tour of this Place Indonesia has hosted the biggest Asian sports party, the fourth Asian Games held in 1962. Now 54 years later, Indonesia is back to host the 18th Asian Games. When organizing the 1962 Asian Games, many buildings were specifically built to show Indonesia to the world. The buildings are now an icon of Jakarta, while having an interesting historical value for kidnapping.

Aerial photographs at the end of the twilight of the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium (GBK) complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (12/26/2017), which is still being accelerated by renovation works to be completed before the 2018 Asian Games event begins. (KOMPAS / WAWAN H PRABOWO)
Aerial photographs at the end of the twilight of the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium (GBK) complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (12/26/2017), which is still being accelerated by renovation works to be completed before the 2018 Asian Games event begins. (KOMPAS / WAWAN H PRABOWO)

Through the Asian Games Touring Tour by Jakarta Creative Tours held August 10-12, 2018, there are five interesting places to visit, remembering and learning about the history of the 1962 Asian Games. Here are the places:

1. Hotel Indonesia.  Hotels Indonesia was built specifically for Asian purposes 1962 Games. Guide from Jakarta Creative Tourism, Ira Latief said that at the 1962 Asian Games Hotel Indonesia functioned as an athlete's house. Also read: Asian Games Souvenirs Hunted by Local and International Tourists There used to be 406 rooms at Hotel Indonesia, and are currently being renovated into 289 rooms. Interestingly there is no air conditioner in Hotel Indonesia rooms yet.

2. Monumen Selamat Datang. Welcome Monument Next to Hotel Indonesia there is a Welcome Monument specially built to welcome delegates. "So why is the statue facing it (North), when the delegates arrive from Kemayoran Airport, they will be welcomed by the Welcome Monument and immediately stay at Hotel Indonesia," Ira explained. The best time to visit this location is on Sundays, precisely at the car free day event. Free photos with various angles in front of the Welcome Monument.

3. Gelora Bung Karno. When opened in 1962, Gelora Bung Karno was one of the largest stadiums in the world and the biggest stadium in Southeast Asia. Initial capacity can accommodate 120,000 spectators.

The construction of the Bung Karno Gelora was funded through USSR soft loans worth 12.5 million US dollars. The Soviet Union also sent engineers and technicians to design the GBK Main Stadium.

Soviet Prime Minister Nikita Kruschev was also present in the declaration of the first stake on 8 February 1960. The interesting thing was that the Bung Karno Stadium had undergone a name change according to the era of leadership in Indonesia. From the beginning, Bung Karno's Gelora later turned into the Senayan Sports Hall in the Soeharto era, and changed back to the Bung Karno Gelora in 2001 in the era of Abdurrahman Wahid's leadership.

4. Semanggi Bridge "Named Semanggi Bridge because its shape resembles a clover with four circles and it is said that in that place there were many clover leaves," said Ira.

Semanggi Bridge, according to Ira, is also built to anticipate Jakarta which will increase in the future. But it turns out that in the present time it still has not been able to overcome congestion. "Finally, 2017, exactly 17 Agents were inaugurated by Semanggi Interchange which is great, it does not use state money at all by the DKI Provincial Government," Ira explained.

5. TVRI . The Television Of The Republic Of Indonesia. To broadcast events in the 1962 Asian Games abroad, TVRI was created and became the official broadcasting station. "Until now TVRI has also become the official broadcasting station for the 2018 Asian Games," Ira said. Unfortunately, to enter TVRI, it needs an official visit letter, if not only can see TVRI from the outside of the building (Silvita Agmasari)

Reference :Original Title : Napak Tilas Asian Games 1962, Yuk Wisata Ke 5 Tempat IniAuthor: Silvita Agmasari
Editor: I Made Asdhiana 
Translation Into English by Asep Haryono

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