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Suitcase Gifts from Korea At the end of 2014 this was a beautiful year for me personally. After successfully becoming the Second Winner in the Garuda Indonesia Blog Contest, I was again "rewarded" by Allah SWT in the form of a Suitcase (Koper) gift from Korea. Wow Korea? Really?

Yes, right, I got a Suitcase (in Indonesian, it means something like a Bag or Suitcase) sent by Ibuzz Korea. Does anyone know about this Korean Mother every one? I have briefly reviewed what was Ibuzz Korea on December 5, 2014. This article has been translated into English, can be read here.

But for those who are busy, they don't have time to read the notes, I can tell them briefly. Ibuzz Korea, is one of the Korean Tourism websites sponsored by the Korean Tourism Service in collaboration with Ibuzz Management as its Organizer Co.

In the Ibuzz Korea website, it always presents all the information about Tourism and Tourism, Korea also contains various forums for its members, prize quizzes, games and also Culinary Tours and Tourism Object Information (K-Tour) and many others. Well, hopefully this explanation is quite clear. If you need further information about Ibuzz Korea, you can see it directly on the official website at at any time. Then how can I get a Gift shipment in the form of Suitcase from Ibuzz Korea?

Because Winning Quiz Prizes
| As a Member of the Ibuzz Korea, of course I am quite active in participating in the Korean Tourism site such as discussions about Korea Tourism, the Korean Culinary Forum, as well as the joining of lucky draws and the Prize Quiz Quiz too. Well, it happened at the beginning of mid-July 2014 and Ibuzz Korea held a Kuizz with open prizes for all members of Ibuzz Korea from all over the world, of course. Well thank God my name came out as one of the Kuizz winners in July 2014.

The name of the Quizz Baloon Contest Part II. The participants were asked to guess the image of the Korean Culinary tourism icon, and all the correct answers that entered the organizing committee would be drawn. My answer is correct. Namely Bulgogi. Well, as soon as the draw was held, Alhamdulillah, my name came out as one of the third prize winners in the form of 1 (one) Suitcase (suitcase). Once opened, the suitcase is American Tourister Esteem Ultra Travel Bag. With 51x74x31,5 || 85.01-4.1kg. Now the picture or photo I included below

This is the Suitcase from Korea after being removed from the packaging. Matching with my Backpack as an ingredient in size. Photo of Asep Haryono
This American Tourister Suitcase Bag is in a separate photo. Want to know the price, please check the official website here. Photo of Asep Haryono
This American Tourister Suitcase Bag is in a separate photo. Want to know the price, please check the official website here. Photo of Asep Haryono

Well, it's enough to enjoy the picture or photo above. I deliberately uploaded more than one to be clearer from the angle. Just say it's showing off. Preeet. Now the Suitcase above is the 3rd Lottery Prize, or in the 3rd English Prize. The number of items is only 5 (five). And one of the winners is me. (Halah already discussed above. Sebel Kang Asep here).

The first prize of Kuiz is in the form of Iphone 5, the number of winners is 1 (one). While the second prize is in the form of a Deluxe Passport Holder, the winner is 5 (five). Now the gift of the Suitcase or Suitcase is the winner, there are also 5 (Five). Last prize (4th prize) in the form of 20 (twenty) pieces of Ibuzz Korea Beautiful Umbrella. Well, it's quite clear that the prize prizes were drawn at that time.

I took the Suitcase above from the Pontianak 1 Great Giro Post Office on Tuesday (6 January 2015) at 11:30 WIB yesterday. By driving my friend Honda Jazz, Kekes, I also picked up the prize at the Post Office. The import duty is Rp.340,000 (three hundred thousand rupiah) complete with a letter of introduction of imported goods from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, Directorate General of Customs and Excise, West Kalimantan Regional Office with receipt number: EG 141316210 KR and PPKP number: 002896.

I was received by the Post Officer named Mr Alhandi (NIP: 964256939) after going through a previous inspection by Customs and Excise Officer, Mr. Karnadi (NIP.196109241983031001). From the explanation of Mr. Alhani, I got clarity as to why the import duty of the goods was Rp.340,000 (three hundred thousand rupiah). answered already.

In a letter of introduction from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, the West Kalimantan Regional Office obtained information that import duties amounted to Rp.340,000 (three hundred thousand rupiah). it includes:

Calculation of Import Duty and Tax in the Framework of Import
Import Duty Rp.41,480, - (Rounded up to Rp.42,000, -)
VAT: Rp. 45,628, - (Rounded up to Rp.46,000, -)
PPn BM: Rp. 182,512, - (Rounded up to Rp. 183,000, -)
PPh Ps.22: Rp.68,442, - (Rounded up to Rp.69,000, -)

So that the Total Calculation of Import Duty and Tax in the Framework of Import for consignments in the form of my Suitcase (Kopor) amounted to Rp.340,000, - (Three hundred Thousand Rupiah).

The goods document accompanying the Suitcase was issued in Pontianak on December 23, 2014 by the Head of Customs and Excise Service Section III u.b Head of Customs and Excise Office V Mr. Yuni Wahyu Purwoko (NIP.19720620199402.1001). Maybe I will "formalize" this suitcase from IbuzzKorea later on. Insha Allah-(Asep Haryono)

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