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Protect the Security of Your GMAIL Account with Second Verification  Do you have any account on GMAIL recently? Have you ever getting through someone trying to take over your email and try to hack yours?  This happened to me last 2017.   I will be more than happy to tell my little experiences here

At that time, one of my social media accounts, Twitter, was detected by an unusual llogin attempt by someone I suspected a hacker on October 16, 2017 at 05.28 AM when Indonesia came from the Karaganda country.

I did a survey of which country Karaganda is a city in Kazakhstan, bordering with Russia, and is a place of good quality for students all over the world including from Indonesia, Karaganda State University.

From the case of social media security (security) like this, it becomes a threat to any social media account holder (twitter, email, facebook, linkedin, and many other social media accounts) to immediately update the password periodically and use a more unique format and hard to guess by hackers all over the world.

Screenshot of the suspicious  breach of the account password for one of my social media accounts by someone in the Karaganda country. Pictures from the Internet

It's hard indeed, but like your social media security in the future, I don't think it's bad to change your social media password (including email) periodically with a unique password that is difficult for hackers to guess.

On this occasion I want to share practical tips so that your GMAIL Email account is safe from attempting to break passwords from unknown people, people who are not responsible or hackers by using double security by using 2nd verification or second account verification proved to be powerful enough to fend off attempts to break passwords by hackers

The first thing you have to do now is to prepare a password with a combination that is complicated and difficult to penetrate by hackers. Use of password with date of birth, name of city, name of pet, nickname, name of Zodiac (star), Name of boyfriend, Name of Affair of Ioops), Name of spouse or husband is an example of a password that is easily guessed by hackers.

How to make layered security on GMAIL email accounts with second verification techniques (2nd verification) can read articles prepared by Google. Or you can search (search) on Google by using keywords (keyword) "gmail verification", "2nd verification", and many others.

God willing, tips are available and can be used immediately. This is optional only to protect the security of your GMAIL email from attempted password theft by third parties.

In addition, the use of GMAIL's 2nd verification has advantages and disadvantages. Friends can read articles that I have compiled and published on my favorite blog, namely Profit and Loss, the second Gmail Verification that can be used as a reference. Whenever you can deactivate the second verification of GMAIL accounts in accordance with the wishes of all friends.
. (Asep Haryono)

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