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Practical Tips to Turn Android into a MODEM Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime as one of the premium smart phones besides functioning as a verbal communication tool to make and or receive calls can also be used as a modem for internet connection via the Mobile Hotspot or WIFI feature.

In general, specifications Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Review has several main features, namely 5 Pixels front camera, 8 MP rear camera released in 2014 with the operating system used is Android OS version 4.4.4. The ability of the Li-Ion 2600 mAh Battery to accommodate two SIM cards at once. I have been using this type of Android since July 2016 until now.

Make your Android as a modem that provides internet access for your own use and / or share (share) with other users

Android As a Modem for Laptops
WIFI itself can in principle divide the internet network with a limited (limited) range and strength level (Strong). In this review I focus your mobile to be used as a modem that emits WIFI or hotspot for your own laptop.

The following are practical tips on turning your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime into a modem with the strongest signal for your own use on your laptop.

  • Settings
  • select Tethering and mobile hotspot
  • Select Mobile Hotspot

Note: With these tips your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime has become a MODEM as well as functioning to transmit internet signals for you to use s alone Do not share (various) with other users.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Photo from Internet

Android Modem Signal to Not Share

To make sure the internet signal from your Android that has become MODEM does not widen anywhere or is not shared with others you can set it by:

  1. Settings
  2. select Tethering and mobile hotspot
  3. Select Configure Mobile Hotspot

Next you will be taken to a page that must be filled. Fill in the Network SSID according to your wishes (For example, Bambang-NET), the Security column has a default WPA 2 PSK to leave it like that.

Now, in the Password column, you can fill in the password as you want. If you forget what the contents in the password, you can check Show Password. Well, it looks like the passwor you typed. If you can click save or Cancel

By following the procedure above you are free to enjoy the WIFI connection from your Android that has become a MODEM that provides an Internet connection for you to use yourself. 
 (Asep Haryono)

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