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Pontianak Mayor Freezes the Use of Burned Land

Pontianak.  Land fires that also occurred in Pontianak City, made the Mayor of Pontianak very hot Sutarmidji. In fact, he made sure he would sign the Mayor's Regulation (Perwa) to take action against the burners and the owners of the burned land.

"I will sign the Acting Monday (8/20)," he said after the ceremony to reduce the red and white flag of the 73rd Indonesian Anniversary at Keboen Sajoek Square, Pontianak, Friday (8/17).

He revealed, in the court one of them said, for land that was burned or deliberately burned in Pontianak City area, the land should not be used or used for any function within the next 3 to 5 years.

"If the land is intentionally burned, then freezing for the use of the land for 5 years, but if it burns, it will be frozen for 3 years," Midji said.

Almost all areas in West Kalimantan covered by somke haze since a few weeks ago. Photo courtesy Pontianak Post
Almost all areas in West Kalimantan covered by somke haze since a few weeks ago. Photo courtesy Pontianak Post

According to him, imposed sanctions for burned land even though it was not deliberately burned because the owner was considered negligent because he could not keep his land. "Imagine, almost every day we have to extinguish the fire on the land - it continues," he complained.

Not only sanctions for freezing land use, it also plans to impose sanctions by charging all costs incurred to extinguish fires to landowners. "Let him give up, otherwise there is no deterrent effect," the Mayor of two periods said.

Midji said that there were indications that the land was deliberately burned to build housing. Why not, in the week after the land was burned, someone had built a road for housing in that location.

The incident was supposed to have been deliberately burned. For this reason, he will not hesitate to take firm action against the developers who are burning the land. "If you have obtained the IMB, then we will revoke the permit. Whereas for those who have not applied for a permit, we will not issue the permit for five years, " he concluded
(Bar / Pontianak Post)

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