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My Blog Used To Reach 5000s Vsitors  It was amazing that perhaps it was in my heart that I saw traffic visits or page views of my favorite blog reaching 5000. It feels really unbelievable. In my notes during the blogging career since 2005 until now only this time I scored a hit page view of 5000. Biasaya maximum in the 2000s

And this figure is obtained from my blog Dashboard. Traffic recorded on June 3, 2018 is strongly suspected because I wrote an OPINI article that discussed the establishment of Palestinian paramedics Razan Al Najjar who was shot by Israeli snipers while helping a victim during an anti-Israel protest near the Gaza Border.

OPINION articles containing and taunting; Israeli Troop Dead 21-year-old Shot of Palestian Paramedic volunteer Razan Al Najjar On Purpose? I wrote using a number of references with words and sentences that I composed myself in English. I happened to have an English background when I was in college. And because OPINI I write this traffic becomes soaring sharply

Have you seen the red circle? That is amazing page view reaching out 5000s a day. The biggest page views since I was blogging for years.
Have you seen the red circle? That is amazing page view reaching out 5000s a day. The biggest page views since I was blogging for years. 

From this I got some conclusions as follows.

First is the use of the right keywords or keywords and gets the attention of many people. In other words, keywords or keywords that are being debated and searched for by many people will make it easier for Google to crawl and detect keywords that are most sought after by many people. So that way the article in our Blog can get attention and diurutan top in Index by robot robot Google.

Second is that articles in English are relatively more internationally recognized because they are one of the International languages. On this occasion some of the views of some of my friends who also agreed that articles written in English had the opportunity to be hunted and read by visitors from abroad. Although this is also relative.

It could be his IP address is located abroad, but people or people who are reading the article or article on our blog is really people of Indonesia. Because the system in Google has so far not been able to identify who is actually reading and seeing our blogs recorded and recorded in Stats on the Blog, or maybe on Google Analytics.

In conclusion: This is a very strong motivation for me to be able to be observant at opportunities and opportunities so that articles or writings made can be read by many people by paying attention to the points above. And the most important thing is that the article must be an article or writing that is made by itself and uses the word itself and not from copy paste which is not good in SERP and is also considered an act of plagiarism.

In closing I can straighten out here that this 5000 traffic does not happen every day. This is my guess because I wrote about the shooting of Al Nazar who was HIT when it happened and reported all over the world, I immediately see the opportunity of that keyword. My guess is because the article has soared its traffic sharply.

Maybe if people have read it and the news becomes "stale" it could be traffic will return nornal. Maybe so. So my recommendation is for my friends to write the factual, which is being NGEHITS, and many people read it, so that the TRAFFIC is abundant EVERYDAY .
 (Asep Haryono)

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