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Major Pnb Dedy is the Best Graduate of KIBI 3rd Generation Sesa Supadio Lanud

Kubu Raya.  PERWIRA air pilot Skadron (Skadud) 1 Eagle Khatulistiwa Air Force Base (Lanud) Supadio, Major Pilot Dedy Andres Saputra, succeeded in becoming the best graduate of the 3rd Generation English Language Intensive Course (KIBI).

This predicate was obtained by Major Pilot Dedy, at the closing of the 3rd Generation KIBI, which was held by the Language School (Sesa) Skdron Education (Skadik) 505 Supadio Air Base. The closing was led directly by the Director of Education and Training of the Indonesian Air Force Education and Training Command (Dirdiklat Kodiklatau), Marsma TNI Kustono, S.Sos.

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The closing took place at Graha Teddy Kustari (GTK), Wednesday (15/8). Present on the occasion were Danlanud Supadio, Marsma TNI Minggit Tribowo, along with Kadis and Dansat.

SELAMAT : PERWIRA penerbang Skadron Udara (Skadud) 1 Elang Khatulistiwa Pangkalan TNI AU (Lanud) Supadio, Mayor Pnb Dedy Andres Saputra, berhasil menjadi lulusan terbaik Kursus Intensif Bahasa Inggris (KIBI) Angkatan ke-3. Photo Kepala Penerangan Pangkalan TNI AU Supadio
Photo Kepala Penerangan Pangkalan TNI AU Supadio

Photo Kepala Penerangan Pangkalan TNI AU Supadio
 Photo Kepala Penerangan Pangkalan TNI AU Supadio

"The 3rd force is attended by 30 personnel, which are spread from various units. The activity itself starts from April 20 to August 15, 2018. Exactly 4 months, the participants graduated today," said Dansesa, Major Sus Heri Ristanu.

Besides Major Pnb Dedy, Lt. Pnb Ilham Faruq, graduated with the title of best progress. The pilot of the Hawk 100/200 fighter, capable of mastering various kinds of theories learned during KIBI.

"At this closing, the Directorate of Education also opened the 4th batch of KIBI which will be attended by 15 people from all units at Supadio Airport. I hope the participants can be active in teaching and learning activities," he said.

SESA Supadio Lanud, continued Major Sus Heri, has collaborated with various parties, including the Technical Services Unit (UPT) Untan Pontianak and the American Corner. Hopefully, with the cooperation, the KIBI at SESA Lanud Supadio will get better.

"Mastery of English for TNI AU personnel, especially Supadio Lanud is the best choice, because Supadio Lanud is directly connected to the Airport, which generally regulates Foreign Citizens' traffic. Therefore, English language skills, can facilitate the execution of tasks," he said. (Source of Head of Supadio Air Force Base Information) 

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