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Improve Ability, Airborne Officer Supadio Shooting Gun Practice

Kubu Raya. ABILITY to use firearms (Senpi) for every soldier is a must. Therefore, to improve the ability to use Senpi, the officers of the Airadio Air Force Base (Lanud) Supadio, gun shooting practice.

The exercise took place in the firing range of the Air Defense Detachment (Denhanud) 473 Paskhas, Wednesday (8/8). In addition to officers, gun shooting exercises were also carried out by intelligence personnel and Indonesian Air Force (WARA) female soldiers.

"For TNI soldiers, the ability to shoot is one of the basic abilities. Therefore, it must continue to be trained periodically within a certain period of time," said Head of the Weapons Section, Lanud Supadio, Major Tek Zulkifli.

Hopefully, continued Kasisen, through the targeted and periodic training, all officers, intelligence personnel, and WARA, are always ready to carry out every operational task.

Sumber : Source: Head of Information Base Supadio TNI AUKepala Penerangan Pangkalan TNI AU Supadio
Source: Head of Information Supadio Air Base 

Sumber : Kepala Penerangan Pangkalan TNI AU Supadio
Source ; Head of Information Supadio Air Base

Shooting this gun is done at a distance of 25 meters. The trainees were given three shooting opportunities, "he said.

Before shooting practice, all participants were given instructions on good and correct shooting procedures, as well as explained the implementation of security measures during the training. Major Tek Zulkifli stated, according to the existing SOP, emphasis and direction were given so that the exercise went smoothly.

"We are grateful, because shooting practice went well. This is inseparable from the seriousness of the trainees. Hopefully this exercise will be the best way to improve the ability to shoot officers, intelligence personnel and WARA.

One of the trainees, Lt. Col. Sus Filfadri stated, with the exercise, he and the Supadio Air Force officers could hone basic skills for TNI members.

"Shooting psitol must be done with the right instinct and full concentration. The gun is a small weapon, but it is very dangerous, if you can't use it properly," said the middle-ranking officer who served as Chief of Information (Kapen) Supadio Air Base. (Source: Head of Supadio Air Force Base Information)

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