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I Meet Amazing Hidenori Izaki in Indonsiae  One of the awesome professions that many young people in this world loves very much is a profession of "coffee makers"or internationally recognized as Barista. The number of cafe or coffee shop entrepreneurs in Indonesia , including in my area in Pontianak, makes Barista a very rare and well-paid profession nowadays.

I am not that Coffee addicted. In other words , I am not a coffee lovers especially with something black without any sugar or milk. I do like drinking mix coffee which combining the coffee with other such as fresh milk or a little bit crackers.  I have them for breakfast or in the afternoon. I don't drinking all time of the day. Just occasion only

Unfortunately, I do have a Coffee maker machine. LoL

Not many people have the talent and ability to mix coffee professionally. One of them is Hidenori Izaki, Barrista 2014 world champion from Japan. I was so lucky to meet him last April 2017 in Pontianak when Hide Izaki and his crew members performed a coffee presentations to coffee lovers in the city.

I would like to express my gratitude to Felycia from Toffin Indonesia , and I received the invitation so that I am able to attend a workshop on coffee by presenting Hidenori Izaki.   Here is the photo taken during the event I have attached on this article.  See belows :

Me and Hidenori Izaki during his coffee presentation held in Botany caffee in Pontianak last April 2017.
Me and Hidenori Izaki during his coffee presentation held in Botany caffee in Pontianak last April 2017.  

Its been a while. Finally I met Hidenori Izaki on Instagram. However he does not folllow back my Instagram account in return, after I have followed his, I was so happy that the photo I have published on my Instagram has been given "LIK" by Hidenori Izaki.  I am really so happy for that.(Asep Haryono)

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