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I Am Looking For Fadel In NTB. Where Are You My Friend?   As well all know that more than 90 people died or killed in the earthquake of seven on the Richter Scale on Sunday (05/08 ) on Lombok island , West Nusa Tenggara  and caused hundreds of others were injured or missing. I have had a friend in that West Nusa Tenggara , Fadel , which I did not get any latest news from him recently.

Who is Fadel

Fadel has been promoting and helping KGRE for several years in his hometown of Mataram. Fadel is the interactive radio presenter on RRI Mataram's Friday and Sunday night programs. Fadel is the leader of the successful KGCC #013 ALFA English Club in Mataram at that time. Now KangGuru Indonesia has been closed for several reasons.  All memories about KangGuru Indonesia always bear in our mind forever

Fadel has been very helpful in recent years with organizing Listener Meetings at RRI Mataram, visiting local schools to promote Kang Guru and also assisting with visits to Lombok by Australian Education Center staff from both Jakarta and Surabaya and more recently by staff from the Australian Consulate in Bali.

Fadel is very actively involved in any youth organisations in Lombok, and now registered as one of official members of KNPI Lombok. His expressions and opinions about politics and governmental administration was great and wonderful thing to listen. Good Job Fadel

A sad story came to us when we hear that Fadel got problem or bad luck with the loss of his first baby at that time. On behalf of all Kang Guru Indonesia Champions , we deep concern and express our deepest condolences for his first baby. Keep stronger and be patient ya Fadel

Who Are We?
Kang Guru Indonesia has seven wonderful Champions. They are 7 (seven) Champions appointed by the Kang Guru Indonesia to engage as "volunteer worker" based in all areas of Indonesia. They are Saptari Wibowo (Medan), Suryadi Ningrat (Madura), Keyko Sri Rahayu (Semarang), Rini Pudya (Jakarta), Fadil (Mataram), Syahrir Badulu (Makasar) and myself Asep Haryono (Pontianak).

KANGGURU CHAMPIONS : Syahrir (Makasar), Bowo (Medan), Suryadi (Madura), Keyko (Semarang), Ririn (Jakarta/Bali), Fadel (NTB) is in red circle in this photo, and me on the right side.
KANGGURU CHAMPIONS : Syahrir (Makasar), Bowo (Medan), Suryadi (Madura), Keyko (Semarang), Ririn (Jakarta/Bali), Fadel (NTB) is in red circle in this photo, and me on the right side.

Fadel (NTB) took picture together with me. The photo taken at IALF Office at Jalan Sesetan Denpasar Bali around 2003. Photo Syahrir Badulu
Fadel (NTB) took picture together with me. The photo taken at IALF Office at Jalan Sesetan Denpasar Bali around 2003. Photo Syahrir Badulu

Fadel is A former Member of 7 Kangguru Champions
Have you ever heard about Champion?. If you have some sport impression about the Champions, you will get a little bit wrong guessing here I am afraid.

The word of "champion" in my posting today is a term of a volunteer work. The Champion is a call sign name from KangGURU Indonesia to mention Indonesian citizens who have donated efforts, suggestions, ideas, and valuable contributions to foster the friendship between Indonesia and Australia.

The champions are working very hard in fostering a close relationship and mutual understanding between the Governments of Indonesia and Australia in Indonesia-Australia Partnership (Australia Indonesia Partnership). In carrying out the activities, all of the champions all across Indonesia do not get paid at all.

You may read We Used To Be KangGuru Indonesia Champion

The Champion here is a volunteer who "worked" in accordance with directives and guidelines of KangGURU Indonesia. Each of those representatives of Kang GURU Indonesia all across Indonesia, should provides monthly reports to headquater of Kang GURU Indonesia located in Denpasar, Bali. As have planned before by the Kang Guru Indonesia, we get together, and attend annual Consultative Group Meeting (CGM) in IALF Denpasar , Bali.

The CGM held annualy at Indonesia Australia Languagre Building Foundation (I / A / / L / F) building located in Jalan Sesetan Denpasar Bali, and the meeting administered by Kang Guru Indonesia, and funded by Australian Government and administered by I/A/L/F Denpasar Bali. The meeting can be held twice a year, and most of the meeting conducted at the headquarter.

 I lost contact with Fadel in NTB. I have not contacted Fadel over a period of around four years since KangGuru Indonesia project being closed. I hope anyone can help me find Fadel.  Is there somebody out there can help me find the guy?I I will do my best to find out Fadel in every way.  I hope Fadel can find and contact me real soon.  I hope Fadel is safe and sound there in NTB.  Fadel. Where are you my friend?  (Asep Haryono)

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