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Google Doodle Celebrates RI 73rd Anniversary, Illustration of Appeared Sack Race Competition    If you pay attention to the look of Google today, Friday (08/17/2018) definitely see something different. Yup, as usual this search engine company presents a special doodle to enliven the 73rd Indonesian Independence Day.

As in previous years, Google also often enlivened Indonesia's Independence Day. Not only in the country, companies also often indulge in the main page view of the Pecan machine following warnings or certain events in each country that support its services.

In this edition of Google Doodle Indonesian Independence Day, there were three children who were doing a sack race.

Google Doodle appearances at 17th of August 2018. Photo courtesy Internet/Google
Google Doodle appearances at 17th of August 2018. Photo courtesy Internet/Google

Under it, there is a Google text accompanied by a red and white frame, which is also the color of the Indonesian national flag.As is customary every year, throughout the country, from city to village, Indonesian Independence Day was welcomed with mutual assistance to clean the home environment.

Residents also began to decorate various road areas, houses, shops and schools with various attributes - banners or red and white ornaments - to enliven the Indonesian Independence Day each year.

After that, residents flocked to hold various types of traditional competitions, such as sack racing, cracker eating competitions, areca nut climbing, and many more.All of these activities are one of the ways for residents to spend time with family and friends while celebrating the 73rd Indonesian Anniversary. How does Google Doodle appear this time, it's quite interesting isn't it? (Yuslianson -


Original Title : Google Doodle Rayakan HUT ke-73 RI, Ilustrasi Lomba Balap Karung Tampil
Writer : 
Yuslianson - Liputan 6
Translation into English : Asep Haryono

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