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GMAIL Releases New Face Of Its Colorful Features   Google's e-mail service, Gmail comes with a new face that is fresher and more colorful. New features such as "Snoozing", "Nudging", and "Confidential Mode", enrich the e-mail service function used by 1.4 billion people. "Gmail's new design makes users safer and more productive," said Gmail Product Lead Manager Jacob Bank.

In terms of visuals, there are some substantial changes that are visible. First, the "Google" logo which is usually engraved on the left side of the Gmail version of the desktop, is now replaced with the "Gmail" logo itself.

Under the logo, the words "Compose" are no longer in a stiff red box, but a white oval that looks young. There is a typical "+" icon that attracts attention. The color of the pointer line that was gray was changed to red, so it seemed more cheerful. In addition there is a colorful label on each e-mail to facilitate identification.

New Look of GMAIL Dashboard. Photo Internet
New Look of GMAIL Dashboard. Photo Internet

 This new design makes users more aware of attachments in an e-mail. Because the format icons (JPG, Excel, etc.) attachments are displayed in front, even before the user opens the e-mail.

Finally, the visual changes that caught the most attention were the side panels on the right side of the screen interface that broke the "Google Calendar", "Google Keep", and "Google Tasks", as compiled by KompasTekno, Thursday (04/26/2018), from the Google Blog . The purpose of other applications in Gmail is to make it easier for users to organize meetings, plan daily activities, or embed important notes.

The majority of visual design changes in Gmail are for the desktop version. Meanwhile, changes in the appearance of the mobile application version can be seen with the "high-priority notifications" feature.

This feature uses a system based on artificial intelligence aka Artificial Intelligence (AI) to select which e-mail is very important for users and which can be read next time. You could say this update is one of the most significant since Gmail was first launched. For a while, only a small portion of Gmail users can try it out. 
(Fatimah Kartini Bohang)

Original title : "Resmi, Gmail Hadir dengan Wajah Baru yang Lebih Berwarna",
Author: Fatimah Kartini Bohang

Editor: Reza Wahyudi
Translation in English : Asep Haryono

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