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Fire Almost Burns Untan Medical Faculty

Pontianak. Peatland fires occur just behind the Tanjungpura University Medical School, Jalan Sepakat II, South Pontianak Subdistrict, Thursday (8/23). The enlarged fire continued to spread towards the building of one of the famous campuses in West Kalimantan.

Fires in these locations have occurred since Wednesday (8/22) night. At present, the distance between the burned land and the campus building is only about 10 meters.A number of private firefighters, Manggala Agni, TNI and Polri were on standby and tried to block the fire route by spraying water on unburned land.

The blackout effort was also assisted by joint students who had been on standby from night until early this morning, just in case the fire did not spread even further.However, the lack of water availability is an obstacle to blackouts. The officer was forced to go down to the trench. This was done by Prada Juliadi, soldier of the Tanjungpura XII Kodam.

Members of the TNI together with police officers tried to extinguish the fire that burned peatlands on Jalan Parit Haji Husein II, Southeast Pontianak Sub-district with makeshift equipment, recently. ARIEF NUGROHO / PONTIANAK POST
Members of the TNI together with police officers tried to extinguish the fire that burned peatlands on Jalan Parit Haji Husein II, Southeast Pontianak Sub-district with makeshift equipment, recently. ARIEF NUGROHO / PONTIANAK POST

Wearing shorts, army-style t-shirts and caps, he descended to the ditch of Jalan Sepakat II. He dug mud, so that the remaining water could be used to extinguish the fire.Deputy Mayor of Pontianak Edi Rusdi Kamtono, who was met at the location of a peatland fire behind the campus of Tanjungpura University, said that peat fires contributed to the biggest haze.

According to Edi, he has also monitored land fires through the air. According to him, the more sprayed the more smoke. So it must require a lot of water availability."It looks like this was due to a raid from the Agreed yesterday. This is Untan's land. I have asked the Chancellor, and it is impossible for this to be burned. Because there are no development plans here. So this is really a mess," he said.

Separately, West Kalimantan Regional Police Chief Inspector General Didi Haryono revealed that the police had secured as many as 12 suspected cases of burning land in West Kalimantan.According to Didi, in terms of humanity, the number of suspects secured was not comparable to the number of victims of ARI that had reached 1,306 people.

Meanwhile, related to casualties, up to now there have been four fatalities according to him caused by land fires.

The dead victim was a land burner who was trapped due to an enlarged fire. "Two children, two adults, this hasn't known the other, the last four reports," he concluded.The victims of the land fire were two children in Melawi Regency, one adult in Sambas Regency and one in Sintang District.

Threatened 10 years in prison
Allegations that land fires were deliberately burned by irresponsible people were proven. The mane of one of the land burners in Parit Seram Street, Punggur Village, Sungai Kakap District, Kubu Raya District was arrested by the police.

Because the perpetrators of the five-hectare land were burned. Now he has been confined to a prison in Mapolresta Pontianak, to account for his actions. He is threatened with imprisonment of more than five years.

From his hand, confiscated evidence, machetes, matches, scoops, buckets and a palm oil burnt.Pontianak Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Kompol Muhammad Husni Ramli said, Surai perpetrators were arrested, on Tuesday 21 August. Arrest of the person after the examination of witnesses at the scene.

Husni explained, from witness testimony, the land burner was directed to Suhar. Armed with these instructions, arrests were made and confiscated evidence, in the form of equipment used to open and burn land.

Husni said, from the victim's confession, if on Wednesday 15 August at around 3:00 p.m., the perpetrator opened his 50 x 500 sqm land on Jalan Parit Sarem, Punggur Village, Sungai Kakap District.

"The recognition of land actors is planned to be used for farming," Husni said, Thursday (8/23).Husni explained, according to the perpetrator's admission, on August 1 he ordered three workers to cut grass on his land. The workers are paid Rp. 50 thousand per person, for four days of work.

After the land was cleared, Husni added, the perpetrator, Suhar then came to his land and burned the land and asked his work to keep the fire. However, the flames grew larger and could not be controlled to spread to other people's land.

"The total area burned is about five hectares. As a result of the perpetrator's actions, the landowner suffered a loss of Rp1,050 billion. (arf / adg-
 Pontianak Post)

References :
Original Title : "Api Nyaris Hanguskan Kampus Fakultas Kedokteran Untan"
Writer : Arief Nugroho - Adong Eko
Translation into English : Asep Haryono

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