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David Beckham Holidays in Bali, Blessings for Indonesian Tourism

Denpasar.  Through Instagram, David Beckham uploaded photos of his vacation in Bali. This is certainly a breath of fresh air for Indonesian tourism, which has just been rocked by an earthquake.

David Beckham's family is known to be on holiday in Bali. Through Insta Story, the Instagram account that was distributed approximately a few hours ago when this news was revealed, the MU and Real Madrid legends showcased various holiday activities.

Seen detikTravel on Instagram David Beckham, @davidbeckham on Thursday (08/09/2018) David Beckham posted several photos on Instagram Story. There are times when he plays with his children at the waterfall, learns to cook and others.
(David Beckham/Instagram)
(David Beckham/Instagram)

The same thing was done by his wife, Victoria Beckham. Also via Instagram, he posted a video of his children watching a Balinese dance

Head of Bali Provincial Tourism Office Anak Agung Gede Yuniartha Putra said the arrival of David Beckham to Bali was a positive thing for tourism. Of course, Beckham promotes Indonesia, especially Bali as a beautiful tourist destination.

"That is a positive thing. The arrival of David Beckham will further promote Indonesia, especially Bali," Agung Gede told detikTravel.According to Agung Gede, Bali has become a vacation spot for world figures or artists. Especially during the middle of the year like this, it's time for high season.

"Hopefully the arrival of David Beckham in Bali can improve the image of Bali in the international world," said Agung Gede. (aff / aff) 

Original Title : David Beckham Liburan ke Bali, Berkah Untuk Pariwisata Indonesia
Writer : Afif Farhan- Redaksi Travel
Translation into English : Asep Haryono

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