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Colonel Yakiniku Rice From KFC  This is indeed not the name of someone who is a Colonel. Not. There is absolutely no connection with the strategic or functional position of the Military. His name is Colonel Yakiniku Rice. At first glance, the name of a person is Colonel. But actually it is one menu of A la Carte Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).  My dinner and Tazkia on Sunday, August 19, 2018 yesterday had brought by 1 (one) Colonel Yakiniku Rice package.

His initial intention was only to buy a few pieces of children's clothing at Ramayana Mall located on Jalan Tanjung Pura Pontianak. But because it almost came in the afternoon, and by chance at home there was no cooking at all. The fridge in the house is just white water and just ice cubes. Wahahahah Honest green bean once. Yes, for the dinner menu, I decided to bring this Colonel Yakiniku Rice package. Just take it home. Eat at home.

This Colonel Yakiniku Rice is one of KFC's (Kentucky Fried Chicken) mainstay menus at quite affordable prices around Rp. 25,000, - (Twenty Five Thousand Rupiah). I have a menu called Colomel Yakiniku for completing this short article. Well for those who don't know, please see the photo below :

One package Colonel Yakiniku Rice is quite affordable. The contents are quite a lot and filling for the stomach my size is not clear. Photo of Asep Haryono
One package Colonel Yakiniku Rice is quite affordable. The contents are quite a lot and filling for the stomach my size is not clear. Photo of Asep Haryono

From the photo above it can be seen that the contents of a Yakiniku Rice Colonel package are a combination of fluffy white rice, Salad slices with Mayonnaise, Barbeque Sauce, and of course the main course of Fried Chicken. The menu package is also equipped with 1 (one) pc of Sambal Sauce and Tomato Sauce.

For me, this spicy fan of the Sambal Sauce feels less spicy. I want to be sensational and "hot" like a bite of chilli. One bite immediately feels spicy. Organic sambal or sambal ulek becomes fave every time I eat heavy (Lunch) almost every day. But it feels awkward too, because in the menu package the sauce is already from the "sono" already has a spicy limit. So if you are not satisfied with the spicy, please add the sauce yourself. Own business HIheiheiheiheie.

For the size of the Pulen rice that has been grounded, it is also suitable for the size of my stomach. Well, coincidentally my Little Princess is also happy with this menu. So while eating this menu, I also ate with him. One plate together like that Hheiehiheiehihee. Just intermezo. What is clear is that this menu package is right for the size of my stomach's "tank" capacity.

One note that I want to line below is how to bring it if the Colonel Yakiniku Rice menu is not eaten on the spot. In the packing container which is made of transparent plastic cover and must be carried in a horizontal position. Because if this menu package is carried in a vertical position, then the contents of the package are messy and mixed. The experience is the same as bringing Box Rice like that. Must be carried in a Horizontal position. (Asep Haryono)

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