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7 Things Need To Be Done When Children Are Invited To Join Momo Challenge

Hai Bunda.   Mother, we need to tell the children not to go along with doing a viral challenge in cyberspace, but it can endanger them. As is currently being discussed, the Momo Challenge.

It is said that a 12-year-old girl from Argentina died of suicide. His death was associated with the Momo Challenge.

Well, Mom, 7 things need to be done when our child says he is 'invited' to join Momo Challenge

  1. Teach our children to say NO.  
  2. Teach our children NOT to judge. 
  3. Together with friends who agree. 
  4. Tell your parents if threatened. 
  5. Ignore weird invitation from social media. 
  6. Listen to your children. 
  7. Admits children's feeling
7 Things Needs To Be Done When Children Are Invited To Join Momo Challenge / Photo: Thinkstock - Hai Bunda
7 Things Needs To Be Done When Children Are Invited To Join Momo Challenge / Photo: Thinkstock - Hai Bunda

Teach our children to say NO, -- Teaching children to say no to things that can endanger themselves is really important. What needs to be remembered is that the child must say no with confidence and courage

The child must understand that he has the right to say no to something that can make him uncomfortable and unsafe. As quoted from The Sun.

Teach our children NOT to judge - If there are people who invite or advise children to take a dangerous challenge such as Momo Challenge, never encourage children to judge the person who invited him. We must remember that not judging is the way we respect others. If we respect others, then they should respect us.

Together with friends who agree - Spending more time with friends who agree that a challenge that is dangerous even if it's viral doesn't need to be followed more by making the child calm

Tell your parents if threatened. Well If someone else who invites a dangerous challenge like the Momo Challenge presents a threat, tell the child to tell the adult. Talk to adults who are believed to be important to help find a way out.

Ignore weird invitation from social media --The Spanish National Police warned children and teenagers to ignore the challenge invitation which was unclear. As quoted from Fox News.

If one time on WhatsApp there is a message from an unknown number using a female avatar with big eyes and strange facial features, then invite to join the Momo Challenge, do not respond.

Listen to your children
-- If the child tells us, his parents, that he entered a group of people who intend to do a dangerous challenge, listen to all the stories well, Bun. Avoid hurrying to advise them. The main thing is, we need to understand what their concerns and experiences are.

Recognize the Feelings of Children - When children feel worried, help them recognize feelings and we really need to acknowledge their feelings. Ignoring their feelings will make them reluctant to continue the conversation and talk about the things that bother him. (Nurvita Indarini - HaiBunda)

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Penulis : Nurvita Indarini
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