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46 Students of TK Angkasa Lanud Supadio Get Vaccinate MR  Kindergarten (TK) students at the Air Force Base (Lanud) Supadio, get vaccinated with Rubella Measles (MR). This activity took place at Supadio Lanud Educational Park, Friday (3/8).

MR vaccination was attended by the Chairperson of PIA Ardya Garini Cab19 / DI, Mrs. Wanty Minggit Tribowo along with other administrators, Head of Hospital (Karumkit) Dr. Sutomo Lanud Supadio, Major Kes Dr. Yanuar, Sp.OT, teachers and educators, and parents student.

The activity began at 07.00 WIB with a briefing from the Chairperson of the PIA AG Cab19 / D.I Supadio Lanud, which was then continued by Karumkit. The vaccination officers are doctors from Rumkit Dr. Sutomo and Sungai Raya Health Center.

“This activity is one of the ways in TK Angkasa Lanud Supadio, to contribute to the success of the government program, which is to prevent the presence of viruses and measles," said PIA AG Chairman, Mrs. Wanty Minggit Tribowo.

Chief Information Officer of Supadio TNI Base
Chief Information Officer of Supadio TNI Base

Chief Information Officer of Supadio TNI Base
Chief Information Officer of Supadio TNI Base

According to Mrs. Wanty, there were 46 students who were vaccinated with MR. In addition to government programs through the School Children Immunization Month (BIAS) program. The program is in agreement with the Minister of Education and Culture (Medikbud), Minister of Home Affairs (Minister of Home Affairs), Minister of Religious Affairs (Menag) and Minister of Health (Menkes).

"I hope, with this vaccination, students in kindergarten Angkasa Lanud Supadio, can be protected from viruses and dangerous diseases," he said.

In addition to the MR vaccination to the learners, Mrs. Wanty also reminded the kindergarten manager to always maintain cleanliness, beauty and beauty of the environment. So that not only through medical methods, but the school environment also supports the creation of a healthy atmosphere.

"We also pay attention to the environment, not to have sources and seeds of disease. TK Angkasa itself is well-known for its cleanliness and beauty, so it can be another school reference, "said Mrs. Wanty.

Karumkit dr Sutomo Lanud Supadio, Major Case Dr Yanuar, Sp.OT, stated that MR vaccine is a combination of measles vaccine or Measles (M) and Rubella (R). This vaccine is given to prevent the occurrence of diseases caused by the measles virus and rubella (German measles).

"Measles and rubella are infectious diseases caused by viruses. The transmission of both diseases is usually through the airways, especially from direct contact with infected patients through coughing or sneezing, "said Karumkit.

MR vaccine program is a government priority, as a form of efforts to control measles and rubella. Because, these two diseases are dangerous, especially during severe complications, resulting in death.

"Therefore, children who have received MR vaccine immunization are guaranteed full immunity. MR vaccination is given to all children aged 9 months up to less than 15 years during the MR immunization campaign, "he explained.

Furthermore, MR immunization is included in the routine immunization schedule and given to children aged 9 months, 18 months, and grade 1 elementary school. This vaccine is used because it has received recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and distribution permits from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM).

"This vaccine has been used in more than 141 countries in the world. The Indonesian Ministry of Health has also confirmed that the MR vaccine does not cause autism or paralysis like issues circulating in the community, "he concluded.
(Chief Information Officer of Supadio TNI Base)

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