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When "Adult" Content Is Amazing Traffic

There are lots of contents that are made by bloggers around the world to invite readers or visitors.   The specific content on your website or blog will be advantage such as  cuisines,  fashion, money online and many specific niches that you can use to make your blog become famous and visited by thousands of visitors every day. 

I knew it quite long, but I am not really interested to post some "illegal contents" that are not belongs to me including the usage of images or photos which always used my own shots. If I did put some contents or photos that are not belongs to me, I would love to put the original links or resources where the material was taken by me.  We have to respect its original copy rights.

How about dating content?  This can be a challenge for me due to "adult" or "anything close to pornographic" is not my fave, but I do kno the keywords and the theme using the theme of "adults" is like very powerful magnet from visitors around the world especially for male visitors. 

I am not really sure of this gender due to some cases proved the woman or female loves that "adults" content too. This must be considered as unique behaviors of our visitors.

I have had a small research for this. I pretend register myself at certain dating sites for a test only.  I am not really a serious member of the dating site I have joined.  I did not upgrade the membership of the dating site I have joined, or purchase anything regarding the dating site.

I put some fake information about myself on that site. I posted again the inbox or messages I have received from members at my blog including the pictures of the ladies Do you want to know what happens? Traffic is amazing. I have enclosed a screenshot as follows 

Just look at the page view here, Amazing
Just look at the page view here, Amazing 

You can view the dashboard of my blog and please looking at the red circle in the dashboard, What did you see there?

Fantastic.  When I have finished uploaded some beautiful girls I have got in my membership of the dating sites, amazing, my blog has been attended by thousand of visitors just like that as you have seen in the image above. That is great. I do knot know how it will last in the next days. (Asep Haryono)


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