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TIPS : How To Join Dating Site Safe And Secure

I have never registered my self at any dating service to find a lifetime partner. I already married with two lovely kids, but I have searched several online matchmaking service or dating site all across the world and made a small research to it.  Some of those offers a wide range of potential candidate for their members. 

There are always possibility in abusing the information for bad purposes or goals, and Internet can give anyone to become anyone at anytime and anywhere. You should be more careful in giving your personal information to any online platforms including the online dating site or dating services. 

Today, I would like to share some tips I have got from several resources and references I have collected from searching the whole Internet regarding the online dating site which you might find interesting.  

Never send any Personal Information so quickly
As member of any dating site or services, please be alarmed that you have to obey and follow all of their rules including terms and conditions carefully. The organizers or administration of the dating site you have joined has the right to delete or ban your membership. 

One of the very common rules of the dating site that all members should notice is NOT to give your personal information in details to someone you have just met on the dating site.   Please be careful to this subject. You do not know her or him at first time, so please try to talk to him or her for a while untul you are convinced everything is running according the plan.

Happy couple. Photo courtesy Love Panky
Happy couple. Photo courtesy Love Panky

Never send MONEY To Stranger 
Talking about money is also very sensitive case. Most of people joined at any matchmaking services or dating site can pay or purchase at any sums of money. Most of the members are from wealthy parents , beside the fees is for upgrading membership of the dating site is affordable for those rich people.  Remember : Money cannot buy the personality.  Money is a means to run your business is easier. 

This can happen also in this stuff.  As member of any dating site or services, please be alarmed that you should not transfer or send 
money to another member at first sights.  Never send money to stranger or someone you do not know about it or have little knowledge about it.

Make sure of you clearly state your expectations first, and do your best to avoid misunderstanding among you and the person. If you upgrade the membership (with certain of fees of course) then you can make the most of dating site's benefits such as video chat, sending mails, reply and others.  You could have conducted video chats with your ideal partner for a while.

Remember, NOT to give or share
 your password of your account, and nevergive any access to STRANGER or someone you have just met on the dating site, and never and never sharecany official identity document of yourself with anyone.

As member of any dating site or services, please be alarmed that you should not believe in photos or pictures a member posted on their profile. I did not say that a member is not honest or become a lier with his or her profile picture.  As wise member of the dating site, a gorgeous photo(s) of a woman OR a handsome picture of a man you come across or have searched is not the ONLY judgement of his or her personality. 

A photo can be manipulated or fake.  A member can use the photo (s) from other resource or from the Internet without permission.  There is no guarantee that the photos of each member of any Dating Site is actual and real.  That is why as a wise member , you need to learn and read TERMS and CONDITIONS of the dating site you are interested in.  Contact the organizer or HELP CENTER to solve the problem

Meeting In Person If Possible

As member of any dating site or services, please be alarmed that finding out your lifetime partner is quite similar to purchase an item from online shop.

You should not transfer the money from the item you have seen on the online shop. Check the stuff or the items by yourself.  Make sure the item you are interested in from online shop is in a good condition, send people or your friends to check the stuff.  If everything is normal, then you can purchase it.  That's it.

Finding a lifetime partner online from any dating site is very sensitive case an there are lots of things to be considered before you decide to get to know him or her better for a serious relationship.  Marriage is for your lifetime until the end of the world. Be wise, smart and creative. Once you have found your ideal partner or someone you are dreaming of, get out of the site, and enjoy your happiness.  (From various references)

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