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The Role Of Local Community To Develop Sustainable Tourism

There are three main pillars in our community which are very close each other to develop Sustainable Tourism including in West Kalimantan province, with Pontianak as the capital city of the province.   Those three major pillars are local government, private sectors, and community or society as well,  If a government release any local rule of any sector, another regulation always followed the rule.

While the private sector whose services professionally provide for the development of tourism, the task of the community is in addition to always raising awareness about the importance of tourism as well as fostering creativity that produce to various fresh creativity which drum up  attention and later on becoming something unique on the tourism.

Its not an easy thing to develop local awareness of tourism in the community however the reality that the existence of Indonesian society sociologically has become something interesting for the tourism themselves both local custom, art and creativity in variety of the life aspects and historical remains as well and have become a pride of the world.

The sustainable tourism is that a simple thing just a like a tourist in the area of tourism which can be a good impact for the community, business, and also a living which many people were involved the business of the tourism such as souvenirs, public transport, currency trades, local markets, tour guide, and many other boards.

Don't litter on the street. Put any garbage in the recycle bin wherever you are. Photo Asep Haryono/
Don't litter on the street. Put any garbage in the recycle bin wherever you are.
Photo Asep Haryono/

What you should do to develop sustainable tourism in your area?

  1. In a simple way, to develop command of sustainable tourism can begin from your own home.  You manage the house of home you are living in a good manner starting from the living room and the yard. Do not litter anywhere due to it can make uncomfortable for visitors both local and international
  2. For souvenirs producers or vendors not only pursing the benefits only by providing good and unique souvenirs for tourists but also offering hospitality and warm of our unique society to the tourists. Show them that Indonesian people loves friendship and would love to make friends to people around the world
  3. Learn English or any other foreign languages without leaving your own character of Bahasa Indonesia which can show your local identy and local awareness of the visitors all over the world.  The tourists will be pleased to stay longer if they feel safe and comfortable. Hotels can provide good services to the visitors and stay connected with local as well

All tourism sustainable can be made by any of you as "ambassador" of our county, cultural tourism, shopping, nature, sports, research and others, can develop varied and continuously in the areas of tourism all over the country. The role of society, however, not only important and essentials in promoting both local and national tourism but also strategic in every way.(Asep Haryono)

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