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Prevent Forest Fire. Stop Land Clearing  As usually and almost happens every year, very bad weather, bad smokes, fogs, and dirty air covered some areas in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.  There are so many activities done here can be very dangerous for the safety of the forest all across West Kalimantan such as mining , watering , land conversion, deforestation and many others.

Let's talk about some of those activities :  logging, land conversion and land-clearing which considered as one of the greatest threats to West Kalimantan or internationally recognized as "borneo" in general which can be included other countries Kuching, Sabah, Sarawak , Malaysia. 

The threats can be targeted in particular in the field of timber plantations and oil palm. ume time. Fire Forest. The usage of chainsaws and caterpillar tractor used by the people will make bad impact and the result of the forest worst. 

Smoke and Haze captured this morning at the back of my home (17/7). Photo Asep Haryono/
Smoke and Haze captured this morning at the back of my home (17/7). Photo Asep Haryono/

Land Clearing in Kalimantan
I took a picture behind my house this morning, and I saw fogs and dirty air covered all areas in the back yard of my house, and this happens almost all time of the year covered some areas of West Kalimantan.  As the consequenses, the dirty air covered the sky in Malaysia too.  We often receive complaints from the government of Malaysia and Singapore for that.

The threats can be harmed by the growth of those oil palm production areas owned by Indonesia and Malaysia as well which predicted covered more than 90 per cent of the world's total oil palm.  The government of local in all areas of Indonesia have decided to prevent land clearing and forest fire committed by local people by law enforcement and education.

Why land clearing?  West Kalimantan's natural forest should be preserved with all costs.  Local people and farmers did not know the negative impact of what they have done to the forest by firing the forest just to open up wide areas to live in or for another reasons.  In the hear of Borneo, for example, firing forest by fire would seriously affect the local areas of water shelters and local biodiversity which can result erosion, flooding and increase the risk of fire as well. 

Human health can be harmed and threaten as well.  Just try to imagine if the weather become so bad because of fire forest and haze produced by those actions of land-clearing would impact on human health which can be costs in long-term medical treatments and give negative impact also on tourism in the whole areas. 

Try not to open up forest all across Kalimantan by burning them out or usuing fire to open the areas. Do not cut trees anywhere. The law enforcement will be activated for those violence the rule stated by the government of the Republic Of Indonesia. 

Sometime one areas can be handled for this land-clearing, the other areas did the same thing.  We need participations from all people to stop land-clearing and prevent forest fire.  Hotspots and forest fire in Kalimantan as still very dangerous stuff which should be prevented right away before it is too late. 
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