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Khambec C70 Champion Ketupat Futsal Community Cup 2018

Pontianak - Members of honda motorcycle community under the auspices of peguyuban HWBC (Honda West Borneo Community) follow Ketupat Futsal Community Cup & amp; Sonic Modif Contest which was held on July 29, 2018 is located at Futsal Field of Jalan Arena Paris I. This activity is held as a venue for silahturahmi between club honda under the auspices of HWBC and other communities

The event was packed in an interesting way by combining sport activities Futsal Honda bikers friendship match with bikers Suzuki Motorcyle Club, combined ground coffee (kopdargab) community and continued with Sonic Modif Contest followed by Honda Sonic Ownner Indonesia community (HSOI) Chapter Pontianak to strengthen solidarity fellow member of honda community.

 Khambec C70 Champion Ketupat Futsal Community Cup 2018. Photo Courtesy Astra Honda Motor
 Khambec C70 Champion Ketupat Futsal Community Cup 2018. Photo Courtesy Astra Honda Motor

In the activities of Ketupat Futsal Community Cup for the rotation of the Trophy where the final match meets Khatulistiwa Bebek C70 (Khambec C70) versus Tiger Club won by Equator Duck C70 (Khambec C70) with a score of 4-2 with a fierce battle but still upheld sportsmanship.

Astra Motor Marketing Manager Suryanto Wirawan revealed, along with the many new models of honda motorcycles, along with the increasing number of Honda motorcycle lovers who are forming new communities are also growing. Therefore, ATPM AHM and Main dealer of Astra Motor want to welcome this KFC activity.

"The honda bikers are also part of the honda family. we would like to thank you very much for the strong fraternity of fellow bikers honda. "Suryanto said.

A number of participants who came from representatives of this Honda Community seemed enthusiastic during the activities of KFC and Sonic Modif Contest. "This is an exciting activity, in addition to sports we can find and establish silahturahmi fellow bikers honda under the auspices peguyuban HWBC." Said Ade as Member HSOI.

This activity is followed by 120 riders consisting of HWBC (Honda West Borneo Community) and Suzuki Motorcyle Club Pontianak (Sunber ASTRA MOTOR HONDA) 

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