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I Would Like To Study in US Through CCIP Fulbright Scholarship  Study in US is one of my ultimate dreams that I have not reached so far. The United States Of America is a greatest country in the world, and has been very close friend to the government of the Republic of Indonesia especially when the President of the US lead by Barrack Obama. He spent a few years in Menteng Dalam, a part of Jakarta , the capital city of Indonesia.


There are so many scholarship offers to study in US such as SUSI (Study In The US Institute) and CCIP as well. CCIP is stand for Community College Initiative Program (CCIP) is one of awesome scholarships offered by the government of the United States Of America to all candidates and applicants all over the world including Indonesia, my cou¬ntry.

Unlike ADS (Australian Development Scholarship) with limitation of age for any applicants, the scholarship of CCIP is not depending on the age of the applicants but at least you should be above the year 12 at senior high school level. For your information, the CCIP Scholarship is intended for those whose educational background are from senior high school. This stuff fits on me due to I am only a graduate student of the senior high school.

The Community College Initiative Program (CCIP) is non-degree academic program at certain US college in America. You may choose the college or university you like, but the panel judges of the CCIP scholarship will certainly decide which is appropriate with your score.

The CCIP program offers good quality studies for about one year academic year at US college or university in US with major of your choice. Some of the major of field of studies covered by the CCIP program are Public Safety , Tourism and Hospitality Management, Business Management and Administration , Agriculture, Applied Engineering, Early Childhood Education, Information Technology and Media as well.

Its me with national flag of The United States Of America at American Corner (AMCOR) building at Tanjungpura University a few years ago.
Its me with national flag of The United States Of America at American Corner (AMCOR) building at Tanjungpura University a few years ago.

I Am Qualified On This Program
I have seen the official page of the Community College Initiative Program (CCIP) and I have a feeling that some of the requirements they are asking for are eligible and have been fulfilled.

I am original Indonesian nationality, and I was born in Indonesia and that is why I am Indonesian citizen proved by the identification card of residential I have already had. I did not receive any scholarship at all at this time, so that I am safe to submit application to this CCIP program. I have several years working at media as my working experiences, and can be proved by the letter from HRD section of the company I have worked before.

I used to be very active personal in several local organizations and being involved actively at some boards and institutions in local community services which can be very challenging and interesting

I have prepared in my chosen field of study , and could demonstrate something like a commitment to, the field of study. My academic record is not really outstanding but it is appropriate to apply for this CCIP program and my standard of English is good so far. I will certainly take the TOEFL ITP for the requirements as soon as possible

I have decided to study in the United States sometime in the future, however this can be a great war for me. I failed on this CCIP Program test a few years ago, and I was not qualified to participate on the program that time. I would love to try my best luck again this year.

I will always looking for any right guidance from anywhere who can make it easier for me study in the US country can happen. I am obviously interested in studying in the US and I cannot close my eyes to the fact that I am in the beginning stages of trying to study in the United States. Would like to help me in this way? (Asep Haryono)

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