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How To Design A Business Website For Beginner

As for now digital era, every one in this world can have their own private online business.  What I mean is here is a website for business for beginner. Even if you are beginner in Internet, and have very little knowledge on how to design a business portal or website as well. Now every one can design their own website in a easiest way.   Do you want to know more about it?

As a small to medium business owner using a website in marketing, you need to be good at organizing your site with a mobile-friendly design. In addition it should also be attempted to make the media elements loaded quickly and look good, easy to find in search engines, social media, and some other tools supporting online sales. 

There are some steps that you have to go through to help them design their own website or you design the website for them as well.

A sample of my online store I created. Do you like it?
A sample of my online store I created. Do you like it?

First : Display Design or Template.  What I mean here is One important element that is effective is the design that can perform well on all types of devices, especially smartphones. This is because most visitors now use mobile as their device. In addition, Google is in the process of launching a mobile-first index that will rank higher for sites that are optimal for mobile than websites that are not mobile-friendly.

Second. E-commerce.  E-commerce includes online stores, inventory tracking systems, shopping carts, popular payment tools like bank transfer or credit card and Paypal payments, and promotional codes with coupons. You can add elements you need one by one, or you can use the suite of e-commerce tools provided by your website developer to make your store more complete.

Designing a website for a business will take time, research, and experimentation to set everything up as you see fit. But of course you need the best hosting service support.sales.

Third, Easy to be found and traced its performance. The use of mobile-friendly images and features is still not enough to optimize your site design. There are a number of SEO practices to follow, such as using the right keywords and other metadata to help local buyers or prospective clients across the country find your business with ease.

You can perform this task individually, using Google Analytics Academy to guide the steps you need to follow. You can also find WordPress plugins to help you use SEO and analytics, or you can use the website builder to save time providing all those tools.

How do you know how well your SEO works? That's where the Google Analytics task is. Track post performance, social media campaigns, keyword search results, and many more very important factors to get the most out of your business website.

Fourth. Social Media Tools. Social media is important to reach new customers, promote services and products to generate sales. Many small business owners are getting ambitious and motivated, but then eventually overwhelmed with their use of social media because of the time it takes to manage posts, comments, offers, and sales.

To get the most out of social media, use the right tools. If you have a budget, you can hire a social media admin to handle posts and reply to comments. The cheaper option is to use third-party tools like HootSuite or Buffer to post your content, as per the time you specify.

There are also plugins that will optimize your website posting to display well on various social media platforms.  The simplest solutions is to choose a website builder that provides all the tools you need to handle your social media programs

Fifth , Multimedia Elements. It is said that images are worth more than a thousand words, because smartphone users prefer to browse images and watch videos rather than reading a lot of text on a small screen.

If your website uses WordPress, you can download WordPress tools and plugins to help with image optimization, bookmarking schemes, HD video installations, favicon designs and more. If you decide to use the website builder, the tool can be accessed in one place and ready to use.

If the image display is properly formatted, tagged, and optimized for use, then the images and videos can help your site rank higher in search results, bringing in more visitors. Use a special favicon (thumbnail at the top of the browser tab) that not only provides branding but is also useful as a bookmark or toolbar icon to make it easier for your customers to find your site.
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