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HCC Kalbar Launches Public Campaign Against HOAX  Hoax Crisis Center (HCC) Kalimantan Barat has succesfully launched a public campaign againts  HOAX in the car free day (CFD) area around Masjid Raya Mujahidin Pontianak last 22nd of July which attended by many government officers, communities, local people and sponshores.

However drizzle is coming down that morning, many people working out and took some morning exercises around the Car Free Day area were also watching and viewing the campaign enthusiastically. This can be seen by some of passer by were asked by two awesome Master Of Ceremony (MC), Susi Carol and Ipunk Wahaha, in order to get fabulous goodies bad and prizes.

MC Susi Carol and Ipunk Wahaha in action
MC Susi Carol and Ipunk Wahaha in action

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