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Happy Indonesia National Children Day 23 July

All children in Indonesia commemorate its national day of children which nationally celebrate on every 23rd of July each year. The theme of national children day different from one to another. The theme of the celebration of the national children day is "Stop children marriage" has become national moment to be discussed with all across the nation.

Basically, children all over the world has three main basic and fundamental needs : a need of living in sustainable , rights of to be raised and growing normally , rights to get protection from any abuse of actions, and rights to participate in development of the community. 

Those basic needs are sometimes cannot be available to all families all across in Indonesia.  As good parents to all children, we need to do more to ensure those fundamental rights can be overcome consistency. We need more and more efforts to ensure the rights of the child in Indonesia in general can be safe and sound and well protected.

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Protection from Violence
There are still a wrong impression to the children that they have to obey and carry on to almost adult people want them to do.  The children is not a robot which can be automatically worked based on the program. They are human being just like you.  Children can learn life in their playing. Children can play during their Learning.

We ,as parents, should do something terrible to their children. Try to protect the children from violence especially all criminal acts which can put our children in a very dangerous states.  They are still kids, and should not take them as " a man" to do something heavier or complicated things as the adults stuffs. Let our childrean is growing normally according their age.

Children needs some protections from sexual harassment and threats to them coming from adult in every way. We need provide shelters and protection shield with fun and interesting world far away from the possibility to abuse the children both violence and sexual harassment.

Children basic needs is very complicated. We should pay attention t those variety of needs including school supplies, food, home , protections and also a guarantee for a better future. It is our responsibility together to make all those stuffs are set, and we can prepare our next generation more advance, healthy and good vision to welcome their better future. Happy Indonesia National Children Day.
 (Asep Haryono)

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