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French Fries Is Eaten So Good With This 5 Stuffs. You Wanna Try?

French Fries At Glance
Potatoes were first introduced to Europe not through the French or Belgians, but through the Spanish. In 1537, Jimenez de Quesada and his Spanish forces encountered a village in Colombia where all the natives had fled. Among other things, they found in the native’s food stuffs potatoes, which the Spanish initially called “truffles”.|

Exactly who introduced these golden strips of goodness to the world isn’t entirely known. Among the various theories, it’s generally accepted that the French fry was invented by either the Belgians or the French.

In any event, historical accounts indicate that the Belgians were possibly frying up thin strips of potatoes as early as the late 17th century (though some claim it wasn’t until the late 18th century) in the Meuse Valley between Dinant and Liège, in Belgium.

Around 20 years later, potatoes were brought back to Spain and also introduced to Italy. At this time, the potatoes were still quite small and bitter and didn’t grow well in either Spain or Italy. However, over time, larger and less bitter versions of the plant were cultivated and the plant gradually caught on elsewhere in Europe, though it was initially met with quite a bit of resistance (for more on that, see the bonus facts at the bottom).

French Fries Is So Good.  People love it.  Photo DETIK.COM
French Fries Is So Good.  People love it.  Photo DETIK.COM

How they supposedly came up with the idea was that, in this area, it was very common for the people to fry up small fish as a staple for their meals. However, when the rivers froze up thick enough, it tended to make it somewhat difficult to get fish. So instead of frying up fish in these times, they would cut up potatoes in long thin slices, and fry them up as they did the fish.

Giving some credence to this story is that the Spanish controlled much of what is now modern day Belgium at the time the Spanish introduced the potato to Europe. So, at least, the Belgians probably were among the first to have a crack at the potato, in terms of thinking up ways to prepare food from potatoes 

Try This 5 Stuffs For Your French Fries
French fries or french fries are usually dicocol with chili sauce and tomatoes. But there are other cocolan that make this potato more fun!.French fries or french fries are not just a complement to fast food but also delicious snack. Although not from France, these fries are synonymous with American fast food.

Now french fries are sold in frozen conditions. There is a large piece, small long shoe strings, jagged or plain. JAdi every time you can fry yourself at home.To note when frying french fries make sure enough oil and have been heated on medium heat. Fry the potatoes until they are all golden yellow and dry. Should eat potatoes while hot to taste crunchy tasty.

  1. Wasabi Mayo. Wasabi that tastes hot spicy usually become a blend of sushi and sashimi. Try to take a little masabi lalua duk with mayonnaise. Hot and savory hot and creamy Cocolan make a nice surprise when eaten with fries.
  2. Soft Ice Cream. Soft ice cream is now sold in supermarkets and fast food restaurants. There is a taste of vanilla, chocolate or matcha. Creamy texture with a cool sweet taste can not stop nyocol with fries. Unique and delicious.
  3. Fruit Jam. The savory flavors are greasy the fries are too monotonous in the mouth. Can be given a different sensation. Various fruit jam can be delicious cocolan. Due to the sweet and sour taste of fresh fruit jam.
  4. Tempoyak Chili. Tempoyak, fermented durian fruit commonly consumed by the people of Palembang. Fresh tart taste delicious tempoyak combined with chili. If you like spicy, may try sauce tempoyak as cocolan fries. Spicy, savory and sour.
  5. PETIS Chili. From the island of Madura and Surabaya there sambal petis that taste sweet-spicy sweet. Petis is a processed fish and shrimp in the form of thick pasta. Combined with green chili sauce it feels so spicy legit tasty. Moreover, coupled with a little peanut scour. Dicocol with sambal petis of course fries so unique taste. (From different resources)

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