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FREE SEX Is Not Our Culture  I am very angry to read news published on one of yje most outstanding online news, DETIK COM , dated July 20th, describing a cruel behaviors committed  by a young woman who killed her two babies as soon as they were born in this world. 

This tragic news happened in Denpasar, Bali. We all know that Bali is one of the most beautiful places in this planet. I knew Bali quite well , and I have visited Bali many times.  This criminal will not give negative impression about Bali as one of the most wanted tourism spots in Indonesia that many visitors all over the world are dreaming of.

I really do not understand why the lady killed her babies were just born in this world. What is actually happened to the lady?.  According to the local police authorities said that the lady is ashamed of giving birth to babies due to she does not have a husband.  She got pregnant due of her dirty relationship an having sexual intercourse with a man without a marriage

If you really want to know more details on what actually happened , you may read it by yourself by clicking the original 
link of the news here.   Please find out the photos I have attached as follows for clearer explanation about the murder of the twins babies were just born by the woman.

Screenshot of the tragic news. People wore a black mask is suspected person who did criminal actions by killing her babies.
Screenshot of the tragic news. People wore a black mask is suspected person who did criminal actions by killing her babies.

Social Norms in Indonesia
Indonesia is a great country which famous for their personality, good behaviors of the people and having several social norms that Indonesian people carry out when they are communicating and interacting with other people. Lots of norms from Indonesian that you should respect for such as using right hands when eating or doing something positive.

Inonesian people always use right hand for receiving or taking somethings from someone else especially when you are in public situations. The usage of the right hand is considered as polite attitudes and behaviors and accepted as part of Indonesian personality.

 If you use the wrong hand , left one , to accept or give something to someone is considered as rude behaviors and impolite attitudes. The left hand is associated with bathroom purposes, dirty activities. As the result , people will get wrong impression on you if you use your left hand in any situations.

Free Sex Is Not Our Culture
Almost all countries on this planet agreed that Free Sex is not allowed in Indonesia and should be avoided at all cost in The Republic Of Indonesia. We have our noble norms, and personality and religion faiths as well.  Most of people of Indoneisa holding Islam, and struggling the Islamic faiths very hard.

In Islam, Free Sex is a criminal action. A criminal behaviors and attitudes which can not be accepted in the society and should be avoid at all cost

Doing sex before marriage is not allowed and charged as against the laws in Indonesia. The read personality of the people of Indonesia was very famous on this planet. Sex will be accepted if you have been declared as official couples agreed by parents and witnesses from both side. Sex is accepted if you are a married man or woman or couple as well.

All visitors especially from other countries, please do not do this stupid things in any part of the city in Indonesia. Wherever you are , whatever you are, whenever you are,  I said again please do not adopt FREE SEX in Indonesia unless you will be arrested by Indonesian authorities, sentenced to jail or prisoners,

In the next articles, I will be more than happy to give you more details of Indonesia norms and social culture and a wealth of practical information for e daily usage for those who are planning to move to Indonesia as a tourist or visitors or may be for those who already living in Indonesia.  Please make a donation for me in order to keep this information well informed to all of you, and serve you much better about Indonesia. Thank you so much. 
(Asep Haryono)

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