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Earn Money By Viewing Advertisements With NeoBux

There is lots of way of earning money from Internet. One of the cheapest and simplest ways of collecting money from the net is from Paid To Click or PTC Programs available on the internet is fro NeoBux.

was first introduced on March 25th 2008 in a pre-registration phase.
The official opening was shortly a month after, on April 30th.  
How is activity measured?. Since this is a PTC, activity is defined by advertisements' visualization. All other features on their site are optional and won't be considered for activity purposes.

Why do you  see few advertisements?. Some advertisements are displayed worldwide while some are filtered demographically. A demographic filter is a tool for an advertiser to choose which countries are allowed to view the exposed advertisement. This is an optional tool on April 30th.

So, you'll see all worldwide advertisements (unfiltered) and the advertisements for your country (demographically filtered).

We guarantee a daily minimum of 4 advertisements to Standard members and a daily minimum of 9 advertisements for Golden members. Golden members with a Golden Pack can reach a minimum of 15 daily advertisements.

Earn Money By Viewing Advertisements With NeoBux. Its good choice too. Photo Kesusanto Liusvia
Earn Money By Viewing Advertisements With NeoBux. Its good choice too. Photo Kesusanto Liusvia

Earn Money By Viewing Advertisements With NeoBux
Earn Money By Viewing Advertisements With NeoBux

How is the limit of direct referrals calculated?. First of all, you can only have direct referrals after you meet these conditions: Been a member for at least 15 days Have made at least 100 clicks.

After these conditions are met, the direct referral you can have will be based first on the following limit.

Depending on how many days you've been registered, all those days, minus the first 30, will count towards a limit increase. This means that the older member you are, the more referrals you may have.

The amount will be based on your current membership/pack and the days you're registered (minus 30). This amount will vary. For example : Standard/Pioneer = Days-30 divided by 4.

If you have been registered for 330 days (which minus 30 gives 300 days):If a user registers with your username he/she won't be your referral if you haven't met the 15 days/100 clicks condition or have reached the limit of allowed direct referrals. You can always remove all direct referrals you don't want to make room for new ones.

What is the minimum value to cashout? The minimum amount paid is $2.00 on the first cashout. This amount will increase by $1.00 for each cashout until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10.00. After that, the minimum amount will always be $10.00.

If you ready to earn money by viewing advertisements with NeoBux and would to know it better, simply just click here

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