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Do Not SPAM On My Website Again

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I come across one of my published article filled in by a spam committed by one of gambling and poker site called  AFF NAGAQQ and or BANDARQ ONLINE and without prior permission they are rude to post promotion and SPAM contents.  I have captured what they have posted before I deleted. You may see their SPAM posting as follows :

SPAM content like this should be removed or deleted
SPAM content like this should be removed or deleted

You have seen their posting on my blog just like above.  As usual, each time I found unknown posts with the content of promotions by mentioning their products on my website will be considered as advertisement and paid content as well.  As the consequences, they must purchase it.

For hiring a banner which will be linked to their official site will be charged about 500.000 Rupiahs or equal to 34 $.   A permanent short article about 500 words with certain photos and links will be charged a little bit expensive, about 700.000 Indonesia Rupiahs or equal to 48 Dollars.  You may read term and condition of this website.

You may read my offers here - Paid content opportunity

Without a doubt, I have to delete or removed the content written and posted by  AFF NAGAQQ and or BANDARQ ONLINE and will be considered as SPAMMING.   The content of their posts are not appropriate to the main highlights of this website which cannot accept gambling , obscene , gambling, pornographics, violences, poker games , and adults  (Asep Haryono)

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