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Angry British tourist Slap the Imigration Officer at Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport

If you watch the video I come across on one of local news portals in Indonesia, you can see the Indonesia text there which can be translated into English as "A tourist from British detected overstay is angry and slap an Immigration Officer in Ngurah Rai International Air Port.

Just look at the video below :

tourist from British detected overstay is angry and slap an Immigration Officer in Ngurah Rai International Air Port.  Photo from 20DETIK DETIK COM
 tourist from British detected overstay is angry and slap an Immigration Officer in Ngurah Rai International Air Port.  Photo from 20DETIK DETIK COM

Full details please looking at here

When I have finished watching the 20-second video, I got a simple conclusion that the British tourist, a lady , should not do stupid thing like that, slapping our the immigration officer at the Ngurah Rai International Airport.  Whatever the problem is, which the news said the British tourist overstay detected, she should not do like that.  Its against the law.  Any inconvenient or unpleasant attitude toward other people in Indonesia can be sentenced to jail.

Who is she?
Who is the British tourist on the video?
Does she really overstay in Bali? 

Before I go through to discuss this case, allow me to give simple explanation what I mean by overstay.  All information I got here are from many different resources and I collected them for you all here. Now take a look at what is meant by "overstay".  A simple overstay is only an administrative matter, not a criminal one. Don’t let anyone tell you any different!. I am telling you

Undang Undang (Law) no. 6/2011 on Immigration is the Indonesian law that deals with overstays. To be guilty of overstay, you must first have entered Indonesia lawfully at an official immigration checkpoint. This means you were carrying a valid passport and had a proper visa (or a waiver to enter visa-free). In other words, you were at some point legally in Indonesia.

Overstay is the act of staying in Indonesia for longer than your visa or entry permit allows. Note that both the day that you enter Indonesia and the day you leave count as full days. For example, you entered using the visa free 30 day entry, on the 1st of September (a month with 30 days). Then your 30th day in Indonesia would be the 30th of September. Each day after that would count as a day overstayed.

Important: Even if you have overstayed, ensure that your passport remains valid. Being caught without a valid passport while also overstaying could result in a criminal charge as per article 119.1 in the Immigration law.

Note that this is different from the situation where someone entered Indonesia illegally. The penalties for illegal immigration are more severe. But a simple overstay is only an administrative matter, not a criminal one. Don’t let anyone tell you any different!

Law no. 6/11 on Immigration defines two types of overstay: fewer than 60 days; and over 60 days.

Overstays of 60 days or fewer
The Law on Immigration sets out what you should do if your overstay is no more than 60 days. The process is simple: make sure you have a ticket to fly out of Indonesia, and go to the airport. You will have to pay a fine (Rp 300,000 per day of overstay as of November 2016). Then you can leave the country. Be sure to go early to leave enough time to sort out your overstay without missing your flight!

What if you can’t pay the fine? In that case, you will be deported and blacklisted. (Check our article dealing with Blacklisting).

Overstays of more than 60 days

With an overstay of more than 60 days, the law says that you will be deported and blacklisted. Surprisingly, you will not have to pay a fine!

Again, you should go to the airport really early with your ticket to exit Indonesia. Don’t display any expensive watches, jewelry, electronics, or other signs of wealth. Do not bring large amounts of cash. If this is found, officials may pressure you to buy your way out of the situation.

Be ready for questions that officials may ask. Stay calm and gracious, don’t raise your voice. Don’t argue and don’t quote the law at them. Make sure you can explain the circumstances of your overstay. Especially how you managed financially while staying in Indonesia. Important: Working illegally will make your situation much worse, as that is a criminal offense.

Be remorseful and apologetic. Agree that you have made a mistake and that you are willing to face the consequences.

Prepare yourself for the possibility that officials may try to goad or insult you. They may also threaten you with punishment, possibly citing Article 124. Don’t let this scare you, as that article applies mostly to employers who knowingly hire illegal workers.

If you have an Indonesian spouse, have them go with you. Officials may want to talk to them as well. Be sure that your companion is ready: don’t display any signs of wealth, stay calm, and have an explanation. In addition, you and your companion should both make it clear that s/he had no prior knowledge of the overstay.

Unless officials become suspicious that some other crime has been committed, you will likely be deported on the same day. However they can legally detain you while they conduct an investigation.. (From many various resources).

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  1. Wahhh berani sekali yaa di negara orang kok kelakuannya begitu.


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