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Israeli Troop Shot Dead 21-year-old Palestian Paramedic volunteer Razan Al Najjar On Purpose?

I got this tragic news from local newspaper online company, DETIK COM , this morning which telling a sad news from Gaza.  Again, an Israeli troop shot dead palestinian name Razan Al Najjar,  one of Palestinian Paramedic Volunteers whose job under the government of the Palestine.

I compared with related news from different resources abroad, and found out some different intepretation about this brutal assassination of the 21-year-old beautiful Paramedic volunteer which have been recognized as "Angel Of Mercy" by the people of the Palestinian people who loved her

Razan Al Najjar - Photo courtesy Siasat com

Who killed her?
Who killed Razan Al Najjar?
Was she shot dead or being shot by the Israeli troop?

I do not know for sure who is the people killed her.  The medic will find out based on the position of the shot on her body.  If the location of the bullets are located in very important part of human body such as head, heart, and neck, this can be detected as the perfect hit committed by an Israeli sniper.

An Israeli sniper can be suspected as the person who shot and killed Razan Al Najjar, the 21-year-old beauty Palestinian nurse.  This young paramedic volunteer being shot or shot dead by Israeli soldier during the protest by Palestinian njear the Gaza Border.

An analyst from 
 the Palestinian health ministry.  confirm that  Razan Al-Najjar, 21,  a mother and a nurse , was shot dead or being shot during her last attempt to help wounded people at the Gaza Border.  If this happened princely according to the analyst, she was shot dead without any intention from the Israeli troop to kill her. 

I did not support Israeli soldier.
I did not defend the Israeli soldier
I really did not

Just try to think logical and with positive attitude.
There lots of people there during the protesters. Crowded people.  The Israeli soldiers may shoot randomly to the protesters at the Gaza Border.  This can be said that there is great possibility that one bullet (or more) went through the crowded protesters and hit the paramedic personnel Razan Al-Najjar which helping the wounded protester.  This is logical point of view

If this happen like this, the Israeli Soldier can not be blamed killing her on purpose.  This can be said as "an accident" NOT " a plan to kill" or "intention to assassinate" her.

She was just killed by unknown bullet from nowhere else and hit her during her action to help the wounded people.  This can be said that the Israeli troop did not have any intention to kill her on purpose. The troops shot crowded protesters with bullets and one of the bullets went trough the people and hit Razan Al-Najjar.  Just wait the official report from the medic and the government of the Palestinian about this

But the problem can be different if 
Razan Al-Najjar shot on purpose by the Israeli soldier or she was really being targeted to be killed or hit by the military  of Israeli. 

If this happen like this, this means that the Israeli Soldier violence the law of Geneva convention which cannot tolerate and did not allow the paramedic personnel as target of killing. 
Shooting at medical personnel is a war crime under the Geneva conventions.  There must be an investigation team to solve this case.  (From different resources)

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  1. Innalillahi Wainnailaihi Roji'un. Insya Allah She Will Get The Jannah. Al-Fatihaah...


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