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Mahatir Mohammad Returns To Rule Malaysia

I know nothing about politics and politicians fought each other in my neighborhood Malaysia during the country's election.  Before I am writing more details of this simple posting, I would like to tell you that I have visited Malaysia last 16 - 17 of November 2009 as one of participant youth from Indonesia in Youth Engagement Summit held in Putrajaya Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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I just knew the news about to happen in Malaysia especially during Malaysia's election process from the beginning until the end of the election from television and Internet as well : Mahatir Mohammad, which I knew so far as very senior and experienced politician in the country, now has been chosen by the people of Malaysia as a new leader and the also as the world's only oldest leader as the age of 92.

The fact that Mahatir Mohammad won the seats of the election in the country, as the consequences the opponent Najib should accept the result in anyway what soever.  Mr Najib should accept that Barisan Nasional coalition has lost over more seats and must acceot the decision of the people of Malaysia which prefer to choose Mahatir Mohammad to rule the country.

Najib shoud not conduct any negative campaigns or doing anything against the truth : Mahatir is now a leader of Malaysia.   This the fact he must accept and take it for granted

Me with the flag of Malaysia
Me with the flag of Malaysia
Me in Kuala Lumpur 2009. Do you know the nane of this street?
Me in Kuala Lumpur 2009. Do you know the nane of this street?

As I told you before that I visited Kuala Lumpur last 2009 during the youth summit mentioned above ,  I actually have already visited Kuching 14 years ago, exactly when I was an English student at University.  I and another several senate members of my faculty visited Kuching and Sarawak for cultural and art performances at Institute Technology Mara Kuching.

I really admire almost to every aspect of the country of Malaysia especially its tourism and interesting places.  Malaysia is a great country, and I hope with the cold hands of Mahatir Mohammad can lead Malaysia become the next super power nation in the South East Asia.   As a citizen of Indonesia, I welcome a new leader of Malaysia : Mahatir Mohammad.

For me personally, whoever won the election, he or she , must be able to bring Malaysia as the best country in the world, and I knew Malaysia can do the best things for its people.  I love Malaysia in every way especially in several place of interest that I have not been able to visit.

I wish I could visit Malaysia again to enjoy friendly people of Malaysia, awesome buildings and historical remains including another interesting places such as Gunung Mulu Naitonal Park , Langkawi , Penang, Taman Negara , Kinabalu, Cameron Highlands, and many other pretty cool places. 
(Asep Haryono)

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