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The US and its allies Attack Syria Without UN permissions?

I was shocked after reading a headline at one of international news portals today title "U.S., France and U.K. Strike Syria Over Chemical Attack" and I have read some of the reviews, photos, and coverage stories regarding that Syria attack happened.

I have watched some of video uploaded on YouTube channels about the footage of the awesome Tomahawk missiles launched from the US battleships targetting some areas in Syria including its military bases and chemical weapons factories in the country.

The Damascus sky lights up missile fire as the U.S. launches an attack on Syria targeting different parts of the capital early Saturday, April 14, 2018. Photo Hassan Ammar/AP
The Damascus sky lights up missile fire as the U.S. launches an attack on Syria targeting different parts of the capital early Saturday, April 14, 2018. Photo Hassan Ammar/AP

All people around the world have seen those attack videos toward Syria commitred by The United States, together with France and the U.K.. Those big countries on this planet carried out what we called as "precision air strikes against targets" ..  Is true based on actual facts that Syria really used gas attack on  the Syrian town of Douma last Saturday?.

CNN also released its news about the air strike and feautred three targets had been struck including a suspected scientific research facility in Damascus which supposed to produced  of chemical and biological weapons.  The US and its allies Attack Other Country Without UN permissions?.

Voting on the Chemichal  Resolution

The air strike toward Syria conducted by The United States, the United Kingdom and France should be discussed again with all country members of the United Nations (UN) as soon as possible.

Those air strikes against on Syrian targets led by the US cannot be accepted as part of peace solution to end the conflict of the country with the US county and its allies.

They must be seated down and discussed peacefully again over the UN regarding those "mission accomplished" results claimed by Mr Donald Trump, the President of The United States Of America

As we all know that the Syrian as a country supported traditionally by Russia. Some of the tomahawk missiles launched by the US Battleship have been shot down by the land-to-air missile fired by the Syrian Military devices from Russian military. 

On the other hand, Russia will do anything to support and back up Syria in every way.    Based from this situation, where is the UN position? This attack can be somewhat a new push in UN to end dispute on talking about the issue of the Syria's chemical weapons which supposed to be a cause of the air strike conducted by the US and its allies : The UK and France. 

To overcome this brand new attack by the US country and its allies, the role of the United Nations as peace keeper should be honored again.

The UN should listen to its members outside of those attacking countries which expressing disagreement and protests against the strike all across the world. The position of the Republic Of Indonesia represented by its foreign minister said that the Republic of Indonesia always supports peace solution to end the war and minimize the victims from innocent people. Do you think the UN need another a new 
chemical weapons resolution? (Taken from Different resources)

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