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Teguh Tessa, where are you

Kubu Raya. When I was at Tanjungpura University (UNTAN) Pontianak Indonesia especially in the senate of the student in the faculty of FKIP UNTAN  , I and some of the senate students visit to Kuching Sarawak 1st to 10th of February 1994.

The program is called "Titian Muhibah Seni dan Kebudayaan" or "Cultural and Art Exhibition" to East Malaysia, particularly at Institute Technology Mara or Mara Institute of Technology (AIT), Kuching, East Malaysia located in Sarawak, Malaysia. I was as part of the senate team members and conducted as photo joirnalist or photographer

I was lucky to meet Ending Panglime ,a senior staf at DBKU or Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara (North Kuching City Hal) at that time.  We had little chat and finally I knew he has a brother stayed and living in the city of Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan Barat or borneo called Teguh Tessa.

I finally met Teguh Tessa at Pontianak Post daily newspaper building. I told him a little bit about my first experience traveling in Kuching for several days, and met his elder brother Mr Ending Panglima.  He gave me direction to find his younger brother, that is Teguh Tessa or Iloek

ILOEK : I was with Teguh Tessa or Iloek during first meeting held at Pontianak Post building 3rd floor about 2001

I remembered when Ending Panglima whispering something to me
 "Please met him when you're back to Pontianak" said Ending Panglima that time.  I am so glad that I finally met his younger brother, Teguh Tessa or Iloek

Have you seen the photo of me and Teguh Tessa on this page? I think you already have seen it. I met Teguh Tessa, or prefer to be called as "iloek" , is original Malaysian and I met him many times. The recent meeting accidentally happened in the last 2005, when he made a visit to my office at Pontianak Post Jalan Gajah Mada.

I have lost Teguh Tessa contact number.  I already tried many times to  see other parts of the world just to find out his latest no .  Do you know where I can find Teguh Tessa  right now?  (Asep Haryono)

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