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Just a simple man with simple goals in life.  A father of two children.  Love people around the world. Traveling, reading, music and blogging.  I have spent over a period of around 13-years as one of full time Website Content specialists at Pontianak Post Daily Newspaper. I resigned from the office in March 2016. I have got wonderful times there, and there will not be forgotten for the rest of mylife.

I used to be part of young volunteers of Kang Guru Indonesia under Indonesia Australia Partnership (IAP) period of 2005-2010.  My best hobbies are traveling, blogging, taking pictures , web designing, and reading. I have planned to continue my studies in Australia or America through
American Fulbright or Endeavor Scholarship at sometimes in the future. I always consider the education is the most important thing of life in which people cannot loose.

I am in the middle with Kevin Dalton (left) and Ms Hazel (right) from Australia. The photo taken at IALF Denpasar Balia around 2005
I am in the middle with Kevin Dalton (left) and Ms Hazel (right) from Australia. The photo taken at IALF Denpasar Balia around 2005

I am so sorry since my workload is driving me insane , I am not able to visit your blogs every day, and write any comments there.  One thing to be sure of I will certainly visit back for those who visits this blog.   I will do my best to keep my blog is daily updated.  All articles written in Bahasa Indonesia.  I have not prepared the English version at present.  I have planned I will be.  Keep up the good work ya.

This blog is all about everything I love to write on.  I did not focus on specific topic however.   I wrote traveling notes, cuisine stories, reviews , Opinion, daily activities, tips , tourism in Pontianak , Google Adsense, and some other topics that you might find interesting.  Most of the photos displayed here are taken by my own digital cameras and camera phone so far.  All right reserved by me absolutely.

I receive any ads from advertisers including article placements, review upon request , with affordable rate.  For actual article placements rate about 300.000 IDR- or three hundred thousand rupiahs.   Banner or header for about 728x90 or 300x250 pixel size rate the same price.   You may contact me in person for the details

This blog mainly use Bahasa Indonesia, my national language.  Some of the article written here also translated into English. I have not prepared the English version of in the moment.  To help you comprehend on what I am writing on, you could have used the google translate and select the language you are speaking with.

I think that will be all for now

Please sit and relax as you navigate to this blog

Asep Haryono

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